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  1. philistine

    Beer motivated trip to Belgium... anyone been there?

    Hey Dudes, I'll be in Germany at the end of November for a mates wedding and was thinking of taking a train to Brussels and spending a day or two there doing a bit of beer tourism before heading back home. Anyone been there before? Anyone got friends there who also like beer and like showing...
  2. philistine

    looking for NEIPA hop suggestions

    Hey dudes, Im gonna brew somethign today.. thinking something resembling a NEIPA. Just looking for some hopping advice... when, what, how etc. I've got: Simcoe Galaxy Citra Motueka Cascade (home grown, whole cones) Willamette Hallertau Saaz brewing no-chill style thanks in advance!
  3. philistine

    Cold Crashing and Carbonation

    I reckon yes.... I dont use kegs, but usually my bottles pour a lot clearer than when they were filled. Obviously the time frames a re a bit different, but I still reckon you'll get some settling
  4. philistine

    Control box - test - fail

    Haha, dont worry about the “messy wires” - you should see mine! Twice as much wiring (had to split it between to 10A circuits) in a box only half the size, i had no idea what i was doing and learned it all as i went along. Looks good to me! [emoji41]
  5. philistine

    I made an app to work out gravity corrections

    Yeah youre right.. it makes no sense Though I seem to remember reading something about volume measurements and the invention of the 'litre" as a unit (or was it mass and kilogram....) anyway, the point was that the origins were just as obscure and subjective - if not more so - than the imperial...
  6. philistine

    I made an app to work out gravity corrections

    I just edited my post before I realised that you'd replied. If you change the DME "contribution factor" to 42.2ppg, you end up with the same figure you came to in your post above (568gms DME- or 567.9gm to be precise) but yeah - imperial does kinda suck, but in some ways it does make sense.
  7. philistine

    I made an app to work out gravity corrections

    I was pretty close though! only 10.7gms off! Do those figures you've got there come from using the bog standard 43 ppg contribution factor for DME though? If you change the contribution factor to 42.2ppg, you get 567.9 gram DME (for some reason I found it way easier to have all the back-end...
  8. philistine

    Home Brewing App for beginners

    I havent looked at brewman (didnt know it existed until just now!) but when i first started using brew software i found brewersfriend to be of the easiest to use. Beersmith was (and still is in some ways) too overly complex imo. I also found the UI to be really.... i dunno.... “jarring”? Perhaps...
  9. philistine

    I made an app to work out gravity corrections

    Cheers mark - yeah I just pulled the figures to convert between DME, DEX and sugar straight out of the priming calc on Brewers Friend - I actually didnt give them much thought. I'll have a read and revise
  10. philistine

    I made an app to work out gravity corrections

    Hey Dudes, Dunno if this is the right place to post this... Anyway, I fell short of my target gravity on a brew day recently and thought there'd be a simple way to work out how much DME to add to correct it. Lots of googling brought up a lot of discussion threads in various forums and articles...
  11. philistine

    Am I able to upload a file to share with other members?

    Hey, So I made a really simple spreadsheet that works as a calculator for working out gravity corrections in post-boil wort with DME/DEX/Sugar additions. I was hoping I could upload it somehow to share with other members. Is there a way to do that within the AHB site? Thanks in advance!
  12. philistine

    The effect of ramp/soak times on efficiency

    By throttle back I actually mean (conversely) opening the valve on the pump outlet so that the flow increases, but the ramping slows down... But yeah, definitely gonna check the water temp in the HEX during a ramp step next brew day