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    Hi All - I have been chasing a really slow leak for a couple of brews, which I've finally figured out. This is on a recent All rounder which I bought for the singular reason that it seemed like it would be easiest of all options to make and keep clean (given how much the depth and small opening...
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    US 05 yeast action / bubble rate

    The truth comes out now! Youre just drinking from the fermenter and claiming science! ;D :D
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Perhaps putting together kits, packaged, with a single SKU would make this easier. Especailly so with the kits that people done know what parts they require - eg my experience was the allrounder, and I just wanted everything needed, same with a font kit or a kegerator that I bought. Its also...
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    US 05 yeast action / bubble rate

    If you have to use a hydrometer every time, and sometimes it says dont bottle - respectfully, perhaps thats a sign of no patience? I think last time round I probably brewed for 5 years without ever taking the hydrometer out of its package (well, maybe the first time). If things have gone...
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    US 05 yeast action / bubble rate

    I love this so much! My dad used to do the same for a couple of days then rack into 2 x 20l vinegar cubes with a bung and an airlock - back then, not designed for brewing. Extract was used and iso hops for bittering (mum didnt really appreciate boiling hops in the kitchen in the seventies) -...
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    2020 Hunter Homebrew Comp - Relaunched 29th August

    damn, I'll have to drink the potential entry then...... ;D
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    How to set temperature Keg Master Series X

    and dont look for an hour......;D it doesnt show ypu what you what you set, only current temp
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    At a guess , given they are on line only and in a covid booming area (home brew) they are busier than ever - maybe the Log on problem means less discounts (not that I ever get a code, but maybe others do). ;D Should get my altrounder tomorrow.,, ;)
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    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    Sweden have done around half the rate of testing than Australia with 5 times the number of confirmed cases (by rate). You are comparing a cider to a stout. They are only testing ill people, and have elected to let the community decide how it runs. The only way we will substantially beat them...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Are there any causes for the series x fridge sounding like pidgeons in my house? I'm ten metres away with the TV on, and its still loud enough to be annoying! There was a post that said it maybe gets better after a few weeks, but given its refrigerant moving around, I was wondering if gassing...
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    Reusing bottles

    the world is far easier with PET bottles, even plain old coke pet bottles
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    Pale Ale Recipe

    that kit is not bitter at all, probably around 20ibu's. if its out of date, the other option is to brew it first, and upon transfer to secondary (if you do), take a glass off and try it - you should be able to tell if the age has efefected it - if not then, grab hops and either dry hop it, or...
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    Keg Morality Question

    haha, love this thread, those that are so certain that it is illegal to be in the possession of a keg from CUB etc, would easily be able to point to a case where someone has been charged and convicted of such an offense. If you buy a keg from a hotel and you dont sign an agreement for the...
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    Dunkel Kit Recipes

    depends how accurate you want to be, or whether just a nice tasting beer somewhere towards the style is the go. One that I've done where i was aiming at an aventinus, was a coopers wheat kit, 1.5kg liquid wheat malt (std amber would work too), 400g steeped crystal (english or a german, but not...
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    New Keg Setup.

    Man thats gonna be some cooling system there - - must be a big overclocker ;D