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    Make Vegemite From Homebrew Dregs

    Or just go to the supermarket.
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    Yeast Starter

    I believe love of music keeps me sane.
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    Yeast Starter

    Youre 75 so doing something right.
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    Yeast Starter

    I like it, no harm in learning new methods.
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    Yeast Starter

    Mark could you peruse my post above and pick any dents? I'm willing to learn to make the best beer i possibly can.
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    Yeast Starter

    Vitamin C. Thats new on me. Why Vitamin C? Do you make a malt starter or rehydrate in water?
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    Removal of the grey muck Trog? just before the boil

    Are we talking straight after the mash here?
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    Yeast Starter

    Sorry if off topic. Ive just embarked on my first starter, using a stir plate. 500 mls of wort to 1040 og. Using one packet of Lallemund West Coast dry yeast. Sitting in my fermenter fridge at 24C. To be pitched two days later. Its for an All Grain American Ale, which will start at around 1050...
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    Dedicated Brew In A Bag (BIAB) Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Ive just started BIAB and got the Cheeky Peak 50 litre. So glad i did, because i would have struggled to get 23 litres with a 36 litre kettle. My total mash in water has usually been around 35 litres for anything over 1050. I don't sparge as yet. I'm waiting for a basket, the bag is a pain in...
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    What are you listening to

    Cracking story. Cracking song. Thanks for sharing.
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    Home brewing on TV

    Definitely. Just watched episode one, series two. Needs some actual brewing thrown in.
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    Bulk Oxidizing Agent PBW or Similar

    No worries mate. We have another thing in common, fishing. I live in Whyalla S.A. We used to be able to catch some of the biggest snapper in this beautiful land. I replied to you because i dont want you to be let down again. You seem to be the bloke i'd love to have a beer with. I do admire you...
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    Bulk Oxidizing Agent PBW or Similar

    Just off topic sorry. How did you go in the end with your kegging? You made a thread a while back and seemed to be unhappy and not getting results? Just curious, i'm wondering if you're jumping from the pan into the fire. I'm not bragging in anyway here but i am a learner kegger and i...
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    Wheat beer questions

    Excellent reading.
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    She's a little too carbonated...

    I'm learning my kegging, have not had a problem with set and forget at 12 psi for a week. But that doesnt answer the question about force carbing. I say just dont.