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    Giveaway:Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-310T

    Me too please! Step 2 towards better beer.
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    CO2 Cartridges

    Many thanks Yob.
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    CO2 Cartridges

    Afternoon all. I will shortly have a 2L growler that uses a 16gm CO2 cartridge to maintain carbonation and serve via a picnic tap. The same size cartridges used to inflate bicycle tyres are a lot cheaper than the HBS "food grade" ones. Does anyone use these, any suggestions? Mark
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    G'Day From Wollongong!

    The last 10 years I've been brewing and bottling monotonous Kit and Kilo - time poor. Have recently progressed to kegging, and thanks to the contributions on this forum, I'm producing far better beer, even if it's still extract and learning something new every day, so thank you all. Once I get...