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    Bland sour/mixed fermentation (WLP655) - what to do?

    Thanks. I think i'll add some dregs (an excuse to buy and drink some sour beer) and then maybe add fruit later.
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    Bland sour/mixed fermentation (WLP655) - what to do?

    About 15 months ago I brewed my first solo attempt at a sour. I had a pack of WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1 that was just out of date. I made a starter to increase the cell count. The recipe was 50/50 pale malt and pilsner lightly hopped, mashed at 68. I pitched the WLP655 starter and also US05 and...
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    No chillers, how do YOU hop tea?

    I don't bother and can make genuinely hoppy balanced beers. Like many others I use a single bittering charge and the rest cube hopped. For cube hopping where i want lots of hop flavour i let the wort cool to about 85C in the urn, then into the cube.
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    RIP Amanda

    Yep, I heard the rumour last Friday. Drove past tonight and has a sign up "Under new management". Let's hope the business can continue to support the brewers of Hobart and even go on to bigger and better things. Understandably the shop had got a bit run down over the last few years. Personally...
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    Automated Chilling in a No Chill cube

    Considering the OP hasn't even done an AG yet I suggest that he just has a go at simple no-chill first. You can get excellent results just keeping it simple. Like GuyQLD I have done some cubing at around 75 degrees C. This means I can do large flameout additions and then another hop addition...
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    How to measure IBUs using whirlpool/hop back method?

    I reckon go for the plan you have. I recently made a 100% galaxy late hopped ale. I used 800g of wet (fresh) galaxy flowers. 400 grams were added at flameout and another 400 grams at 80 degrees C. Software calculated IBUs at about 120 but it is nowhere near that. It does have a firm bitterness...
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    Skip bittering additions with hopstand?

    Look like it will be a great beer. Pretty much my favourite malt bill you've got there. I no chill and do a a lot of beers with just cube hopping which is similar to your whirlpool/hopstand. Give it a go and report back.
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    Maris Otter as base malt?

    MO is a great base malt. However, if you just want to make a nice malty APA then regular pale malt with 20% Munich and 5% crystal is a fantastic grain bill. Maybe a few % of wheat to aid head retention and a shed load of hops and you are done! Save the MO for a nice English bitter.
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    John Smith - Extra Smooth a taste of....well nothing.

    This discussion reminds me of a pint of Boddingtons i had in the UK about 10 months ago. It was the first pint of beer that I haven't been able to finish in ages. the description of John Smith Extra Smooth sounds just like it. Watery brown nothingness. To be honest a lot of the regular pints in...
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    Hop Thief 5 - James Squire

    I just had a pint of JS Hop Thief 6 (Simcoe and Columbus) tonight at the Squire's Bounty in Hobart…wow, what a great beer. Really fantastic hop presence and a lovely malt backbone. Definitely giving this a go as my next brew as I just got an order in from Yob that includes Simcoe and Columbus. I...
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    European brewery tours

    Get thee to Belgium! A relatively short train ride from Paris especially if you take the Thalys fast train (which it is best to pre-book).
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    Hops arrived today…well pleased. Ordered online on Sunday, arrived in Hobart today…fantastic service! Oakers.
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    Thanks Yob…..just claimed the Citra (as well as 1Kg of Styrians and a few other bits and pieces). I'm looking forward to my first brew with Yob quality hops. Cheers, Oakers.
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    Hey Yob, Syrian Goldings 450g is showing as $50…is that right? Looking forward to putting in an order soon. Oakers.
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    How Old is too old

    Life's too short…chuck it and get a fresh one. It may turn out drinkable but why risk disappointment if you are only just getting back it.
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