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  1. nosco

    Full brew kit on offer - Werribee VIC

  2. nosco

    ebay and gum tree finds

    I had to Google ebay plus. Yeah nah thanks.
  3. nosco


    Does it look like this? https://www.angelhomebrew.co.uk/en/fermentation/391-30l-brewdevil-ss-conical-fermenter.html
  4. nosco

    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    My first brew went very smoothly. I made a simple Bitter with Challanger hops. The whole brew from atart to clean up took 4.5 hours wcich is a new record. I over shot the mash temp at the start which is maybe because of the Smartpid. No big deal. I have noticed that the stike temp in Brewfather...
  5. nosco

    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    Got my Smartpid working with Grainfather. Im hoping to do the first brew with it tomorrow night. It looks very promising. I really like the layout of Brewfather.
  6. nosco


    Yep it scorched on the element. Thats a tipper. I also tried the whirlpool arm from KK. You cant use it with the lid on and the pump got blocked which has never happened to me before. I wont bother with it next brew.
  7. nosco


    Could be right there. It turned of again heating up to the next step. I lifted out the malt pipe to let it drain and it worked fine. I accidentally mashed in at 52c. Trying to put in a recipe at 5.30am was a bad move :rolleyes:. My Bo Pils accidentally got a protein rest so there was a heap of...
  8. nosco


    Hi all. Got up early to brew this today but my Guten keeps turning on and off. I have a Smartpid installed in it. Ive been using it for a long time. Today its decided to start turning on and off during the mash. It will turn on for about 30 secs and then turn off again. After a minute it will...
  9. nosco

    WTB: cubes and drums near shoalhaven

    Check some plastics places. People in Plastic sometimes have seconds. I've scored a few for $5 each with minor defects.
  10. nosco

    FS - Stainless Coil

  11. nosco


    All good. I have a 40lt so just trying to figure out how your brewing. Are you using software. That will tell you straight away what volumes you can use. Even try some free software. Enter in your kettle dimensions and put in a basic recipe and that will give you a good idea of how much you can...
  12. nosco


    Can you brew 45lt of higher grav wort, including sparge water, and add water to the fermenter? ie 3x15lt plus water to the fermenter. That's how they do fresh wort kits.
  13. nosco

    Brewing gear, keg fridge, bar and beer engines

    I'll take one of the $150 beer engines. I can pick it up next weekend. If you get an offer for all 3 before then, then so be it.
  14. nosco

    FS: Plaato Digital/WiFi Airlock

    Excellent! That would be a big help. Thanks again Nullnvoid.
  15. nosco

    FS: Plaato Digital/WiFi Airlock

    So similar to a Tilt? Well dam I think Ill take you up on that offer. I can pick during the day in Cockatoo or from Carrum Downs on the 30th.