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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    Hi Jerome, I also have a kit in Perth, Western Australia. Mine is unbuilt and I believe that I also have a spare probe. I would rather not have to stuff around with postage so Drunk Az's might be a better option. If your in Perth then send me a PM. Andrew
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    Giving Away INKBIRD IBT-6X with 6 Probes Right Now!

    Count me in. BBQ season as well as brewing
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    FS: 4x motorised ball valves, $50 posted

    Just beat me to it.
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    Soda Stream Adapter and Reg

    Hi Zorco Can you please put me down for one adaptor Thanks
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    What type of electrical socket for the future ? 15A? 20A?

    Is the socket actually going to be in the meter box? Or in a garage/other room. Perhaps getting a subpanel installed with the 6mm2 wire then 2 * 15 amp plugs. or even 3 * 15 amp plugs.
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    Elements 5 star

    Last I heard Sue and Allan are off on a holiday.... but give them a call either way as they've always been happy to help. Either way the elements are worth the wait
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    Pop up Brewery

    The approach suggested by Felton sounds very similar to the one that a certain franchise followed in WA (All be it in a smaller scale). So these are the parameters; 1. Must be a new commercial brewery (contract brewing and the like are out, as is leasing or borrowing an existing commercial...
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    Removing chrome from a beer tap.

    Try sugarsoap, has worked for me on chrome plated stuff before. Plus it's cheap so no harm in trying.
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    Agree with Lael completely, I have one of the original printed boards that he did. The effort and running around to finish it off, especially the cutting of the box and fitting the power plugs were by far the hardest bits. Laels cost is very fair as it would have cost me more to do mine...
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    Lael What was the type of power connector again? and can we order spares for the element/pump leads only or are they easily found to buy ourselves? I remember reading about them somewhere, but I have no idea where Cheers again for going through all the work for everyone
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    Man Can keg System

    I actually looked at importing these a while ago. Never ended up putting in a order though. Postage and the low aussie dollar were what killed the idea for me
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    SPARE PROBES 1. Mardoo (x2) 2. Barneey 3. marc280 (x2) 4. Brewhart 5. crazyhorse (x2) 6. Jase (x2) 7. bigmacthepunker (x2) 8. BazzaB 9. Oggie (x2) 10. tateg 11. SBOB 12. Bigbern 13. MastersBrewery 14. LiquidCurrency 15. Tassiehopper 16. zwitter 17. jonasbegood 18. CoxR 19. shaunous 20...