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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Good to know they are a while away if at all. For the current Modular, how many staights can fit between the elbows so that the whole goal post is between the font holes?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hi Any further details on the new modual font design and ETA? I am keen on the Series X plus and want to see how far away the design is and what is different to the current modual fonts.
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    Alright! I need help! In pimpama QLD

    Best bet is to join a homebrew club. Here is one near you - Gold Club - Gold Coast Homebrew Club Top group of people and very knowledgable brewers.
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    what gadgets do you guys need when you do home brewing?

    Bring your PIDs into AUS set up for our market.
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    Brewtools B40 Advice and reviews

    Not the OP but did my first beer on my B80 on the weekend. With a 20 min mash rest, 60 min mash, 60 min boil, a 30 min whirpool and chilling to fermenter. The brewday took my just shy of 5 hours which is fairly consistent with the same beer on my Grainfather.
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    Where to buy decent nano brewery systems in aus?

    You should look at the B150 from brewtools. Newera Brewing are the stockist for them here. We used the smaller (but still huge) B80 a few weeks back and I am in love.
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    QABC 2020

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    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    Not wanting to restart any debates..... Did you get a chance to do these tests. I am very keen to hear back before I buy. Nick
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    In the unitank. I close up the blowoff with a few points to go so it starts carving. The use the carb stone to fully carb the beer before transfer. I would prefer to stick with this method for now but want a longer stone.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Any plans on making a 1.5" TC carbonation stone? I want to replace the ones on my SS Unitanks as they arnt great. Ideally something with a 4" stone and a thread on the end to fit a ball lock post.
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    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    There no point of a pissing match between rivals. Lets stick to facts about the gear. Still keen to see data about both the Grand Deluxe and the Super Deluxe in terms of noise levels. There have been a few threads over the years which make mention of it but I could only find 1 which have a dB...
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    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    That would be very handy thanks.
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    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    Hey sorry to hijack. Can Kegking confirm if the new Super Deluxe has the same or lower noise levels as the Grand Deluxe. I am keen to get a 10-12 kegerator for the patio but concerned with the noise levels.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @kegland Why is the spacer for 375ml cans $100 - When the 330ml spacer is $30 -
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    Lhbs what grinds your gears?

    If you have some around you, get to homebrew club meetings and ask them. They will be your customers. I find the best LHBS owners attend club meetings and are part of club.