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    50L keg uses

    I wonder how they cool the beer? Looks pretty awesome.
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    WLP800 yeast: What is the recommended temperature to make a starter for Bohemian lager?

    The yeast (lager even) can survive and thrive at much higher temperatures (i.e. for starters) the recommended temps are foe using the yeast in 'beer' to have the best 'taste'. I.e. no off flavours, unwanted esters etc. You can certainly have the starter at those lower temps if you want, it...
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    Inkbird giveaway and new thermostat ITC-306T wifi releasing !

    Sounds Amazing. Have a 308 (of course!) And ST1000s! Would love this to monitor temps/etc. Love the upgrades
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    Inkbird Giveaway of Thermostat ITC308S with removable NTC Sensor and NTC 30CM Probe

    I would Love either. I second the pain of moving my device from my fermentation fridge when brewing.
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    Can my bitter batch be saved?

    As advised. Go for it. Leave it. It may a great Bitter beer vs a NEIPA. Always good taste along the way as well. Maybe I'm just super curious! Who knows, you may end up loving it! As others have said. You can always blend later even in the glass! Good luck. The plus side? You'll probably...
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    Sweet taste? Help!!!

    Recipe looks fine Your OF/FG figures are fine so it has definitely completed fermentation. How 'sweet' is this if its the sweetness. Trial solution suggested already. Mash down lower e.g. 65 or even slightly lower. Additionally do a batch with No crystal. Some people find the sweetness of...
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    Hops growing - wicking beds

    Cheers - The trellis in the pic I posted earlier is also thanks to an old trampoline! Square tubing meant it attached to the fence post a bit easier. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hops growing - wicking beds

    Cheers. Yeah mine are first year so using this that my brewing partner built for me: I was interested in how he gets his down as well. Thanks for links. Always looking to learn more
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    Hops growing - wicking beds

    Oops IS that just as a single pole....
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    Hops growing - wicking beds

    I that just a single pole in the ground with two ropes running up? What's the plan to remove them for harvesting? Do you have a ladder/truck to reach? Or does the main pole come down?