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  1. murpho

    FS (Geelong): BIAB all grain brewing setup

    All sold except for bottle capper and mash paddle. Will give these away if anyone wants them
  2. murpho

    FS (Geelong): BIAB all grain brewing setup

    Havent had any interest as a whole so will sell items individually now: - 40 litre concealed element crown urn with ball valve, BIAB bag, ropes and pullies. $100 - 3 litre Erlenmeyer flask. $10 - homemade stir plate and magnets. This works really well and I had plenty of success with starters...
  3. murpho

    FS (Geelong): BIAB all grain brewing setup

    Hi all, Due to some life changes in the last 12 months brewing is unfortunately a very low priority for me going forward. I've done one batch in the past 18 months therefore, its time to offload my gear. This is a really neat little simple set up that I've brewed around 40 batches on over the...
  4. murpho

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hi there, Just wondering what the quality of your beer line is like? I'm planning on using it with some John Guest push in fittings on the beer side of a keezer and keen to know if your line is prone to leaks when used with push in fittings? Cheers
  5. murpho

    INKBIRD Special Giveaway for Thanksgiving!

    IBT-4XS looks like a winner
  6. murpho

    Any ideas on what this hop could be?

    This was the reply I got back from the supplier: "We sold those ones unnamed as one of our staff mixed up the labels. At the time we had Cascade, Chinook, Pride of Ringwood and Red Earth in production." They're usually labelled but they stuffed this lot up. Kinda hoping it's cascade.
  7. murpho

    Any ideas on what this hop could be?

    No worries thanks mardoo. Thought it would be pretty tough to identify it. I'll see how it goes anyway
  8. murpho

    Any ideas on what this hop could be?

    Was at mitre10 for various domestic housey stuff today and came across some hops in the garden area. Thought I might as well grab one to throw in the garden but the details on the pot etc didn't list the variety. The staff had no idea either and I've checked the suppliers website...