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    $500 to spend on All Grain set up - WWYD?

    Hey I'm just like you my friend, I have invested in a Guten, my reasoning? price, $399 40L, $499 50L, at keg king online, have not done a A.G batch yet in fact I am still awaiting delivery which is due today, I jumped straight from kit and extract into well soon, this weekend or tomorrow...
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    First extract brew recipe (American Pale Ale) - Advice for improvements?

    I’m only new myself but I have had similar issue with a brew being to sweet, it’s now 7 months old and is much more drinkable but still to much on the sweet side, same thing in regards to keeping recipes and tweaking them, maybe another form of grain steeped will fix the sweetness
  3. monkey brewing

    Beer to sweet

    Yeah I have notes Og was 1040, FG 1010, was left in primary for 2 weeks. It’s drinkable, just could be better and that’s the joy of brewing, but I’d rather repeat the process and tweak the recipe to counter act the sweetness, even if just changing the yeast strain, even though it’s just a kit...
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    Beer to sweet

    This is the brew as of today, just to sweet
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    Beer to sweet

    hey ya fellow brewers, I have a batch that’s aged now for 8 months consists off: Coopers ipa tin Dextrose 500g Dark dry malt 500g Citra, centennial & mosiac hops @20g each Hops steeped for 15minutes in kettle boiled water in the empty tin off goo. Filled to 23 litres, brew temp 21c US05 yeast...
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    'battle Of The Toucans'

    If doing a toucan is there any need for extra added ldme or dextrose? I have this laying around 1x coopers stout 4x coopers real ale 1x coopers ipa
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    Coopers Real Ale Suggestions

    I’m planning a toucan 2x real ale tins 1kg ldme 200g medium crystal Cascade 25g @15 Mosiac 25g dry hop day 4-5 Just using the yeast that comes with the tin but I do have extra packs laying around, also I’m temp controlled so brewing this at 19 degrees
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    Coopers real ale toucan

    hey guys I’m putting down a coopers real ale toucan batch and basically after ideas for added grain or hops that would pair nicely, even thinking maybe using oats to perhaps give the brew a thicker mouthfeel in the end, obviously no oats in fermenter, just after ideas guys cheers
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    To start or not to start

    1st batch all bottled up, pray for no bottle bombs, no time wasted second batch is in primary already!
  10. monkey brewing

    To start or not to start

    Update: day 12 primary ferment after dry hops added on day 10 the hydrometer is now reading 1014, tasted the hydrometer sample and glad I did as i got to taste the difference the hops have added, no issues with the taste and at this stage im happy to bottle my 1st batch on this sunday
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    How Long Can You Leave Beer In Primary Fermentation?

    By krausen I mean it still had a good 1 inch head of foam on top of brew, I assume krausen is the term, correct me if im wrong
  12. monkey brewing

    How Long Can You Leave Beer In Primary Fermentation?

    Im no scientist but would the airlock be showing action again due to co2 pushing oxygen out?
  13. monkey brewing

    How Long Can You Leave Beer In Primary Fermentation?

    So this morning at 7am, day 10, I dry hopped the batch, upon opening fermenter I could see action going on, still visible krausen, so i boil my hop sock for 5 minutes then sanitize with star san & add hops to the sock open the vessel and drop them in fermenter, close the lid as tight as i can...
  14. monkey brewing

    How Long Can You Leave Beer In Primary Fermentation?

    Also, no offence taken, I understand everybodys trying to help, im also trying to learn as much as I can from the experts here
  15. monkey brewing

    How Long Can You Leave Beer In Primary Fermentation?

    250g maltodextrin, 250g malt extract 500g dextrose That was a brewers blend #15 I made batch up to 21.5 litres, and used coles store bought spring water, Also it was a mangrove jacks lager pouch that had come with starter kit