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  1. mkj

    Show me your Mini Mill setup

    So it turns out a drill chuck+marga handle works way better than a plumbing compression fitting! Used a dremel to cut some edges for the keyed parts of the marga handle. Goes through that 8kg pretty fast, 6 minutes?
  2. mkj

    Thermosiphon boiler

    Anyone seen a thermosiphon in action for boiling+lifting water? Came across these guys who're using one to boil mash water and "pump" it up above the kettle, kind of intriguing. http://www.picobrewery.com/reboiler.html
  3. mkj

    Removing alcohol from a starter

    Aha, thanks Mark for pointing out the Crabtree Effect. I suppose you could feed the starter with some more sugar after it's done a first ferment, but that isn't much easier than just stepping it. Moad I reckon the problem for low alcohol beer would be byproducts of using alcohol dehydrogenase -...
  4. mkj

    Removing alcohol from a starter

    Maybe this is a crazy idea, but bear with me. Is there any enzyme or similar that can break down alcohol? Wondering if you could put that in a high gravity starter (1.60 OG?) and then you'd end up growing a lot more yeast, but it would stay healthy since the alcohol levels haven't gone too...
  5. mkj

    Craft beer tax axed in federal budget

    Will this cause trouble filling growlers since now the keg will be lower excise than bottled beer?
  6. mkj

    Water Report Mandurah WA

    All here I guess https://www.watercorporation.com.au/-/media/files/residential/about-us/our-performance/drinking-water-quality/dwq-annual-report-perth-aesthetic-tables.pdf
  7. mkj

    Digital Thermometer <- thermapen alternatives

    Bringing back this old thread, anyone seen a good long thermometer, 40cm+? It'd be nice to reach to the bottom of the mash tun, or low water levels in the keggle without steam burns. There's the ThermoWorks RT610B-24 which looks pretty good though a bit slow, but it's out of stock and about...
  8. mkj

    Show me your Mini Mill setup

    Here's my basic setup for hand crushing, 8kg hopper. I thought the nylon compression fitting for the old Marga crank was a clever idea, until I tried some hard carahell and the copper pipe just kept slipping. I'll have to find a better crank or attachment there.
  9. mkj

    Low dissolved oxygen brewing techniques

    Yep, I meant chill it as soon as the cap's on.
  10. mkj

    Low dissolved oxygen brewing techniques

    A bit off topic, but would lower dissolved oxygen imply that it's best to bottle at a highish temperature rather than chilled?
  11. mkj

    With many 'foreign' beers now brewed in Australia, is it time for clearer labels?

    A problem in other countries too it seems https://www.occrp.org/en/investigations/4943-romania-bioteching-poor-beer-for-poor-countries Do extra enzymes get used much in Australia breweries?
  12. mkj

    Betadine for iodine tests

    I'd be wary of the fats/oils in a pudding, not going to be good for foam?
  13. mkj

    Where did Achouffe get their yeast from?

    Achouffe brewery has a distinctive yeast but is relatively recent, 1982. Anyone know where they got their yeast from originally? (I assume wyeast weren't selling 3522 back then...)
  14. mkj

    Silicone hose in the compost bin

    Well a soak in napisan has cleaned it visually, but that stink is pretty strong... Citrus peel I think. Shall give it a boil
  15. mkj

    Silicone hose in the compost bin

    Found where my silicone hose went missing last week - into the compost bin with the whirlpool remains. So, can it be saved? Strong boil then bleach maybe...