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    Kegging Again........

    Hi, I have found that you leave the gas connected and on at around 340 while you rock the keg. you will even hear the gas going into the beer !! 15 mins should do it
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    Newbe Question

    thanks guys, I will leave out of fridge for as long as possible to age. If it's in the fridge in the keg i will be to tempted to drink it !!
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    Newbe Question

    Hey guys, I am fairly new to kegging ( about ten brews ) I was led to beleive that keg beer still needs to age before carbonating like a bottle does. Some people say that the carbonating is instant aging ? Usally i will leave my brew in the primary for 10 days than rack to the keg, chill it...
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    Low Cal Beer

    hi guys, i have been brewing for quite some time now and love what i make. My problem is that i am putting on the pounds !! im fat !!! beer belly and boobs ! my doctor said i should cut back on the beer but i couldnt bear too !! My questions are is it possible to make a low cal beer without...
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    Brigalow Apple Cider

    jhonno, Have you or any one else tried any other brigalow beers ? I have seen them in K mart and Big W but I haven't dared to make any yet. Ps. I know I will get a bit of flack for this but I think the Tooheys Draft Kit is quite a good drop. simple kit and dextrose.
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    Honey, Honey...

    Do you remember the FG ? I want a beer around 5 % mark. May need to add some dextrose still. Cheers
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    How Much Beer Do You Drink A Week?

    Hi, I would say i fall into the worst catagory...binge drinker, which means no drinking all week but on one night maybe 10 - 15 pints. But we are not drinking commerical beer which would do us serious damage because of the chemicals.
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    Yeast Cakes

    Hi guys, I have heard a bit of talk about re using the yeast cake on the bottom of the fermenter, I was just wondering about a few things . How is this different to buying liquid yeasts ? can any kit yeast be used ? How much should i leave at the bottom ? and finally, how many times can u...
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    Hops For Coopers Ipa?

    Hi, I have heard about doing this too but don't fully understand how it could work. Insn't the yeast cake at the bottom mean it's dead ? and how does it ferment in comparsion to the dried yeast ? I know that liquid yeasts are pretty pricey, so if this works why not use this all the time...
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    Priming With Dextrose?

    I agree, Dextrose produces a smooth aftertaste. one that did take a lot of getting use to at first after years of white sugar. I do not bottle anymore but if i did i would say the white sugar..if you are after a little bite mouthfeel. your choice...i say try them all
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    Where's The Hangover Gone

    Hi, Yes I find the homebrew has little or no hangover effects.. But don't be are still putting alcohol into your body.
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    Coopers Canadian Blonde

    hi, I had my very first kegged beer with this beer. It was for a party and someone else had also kegged a more expensive beer and had commented that mine being a supermarket kit would be crap ! Anyway, i had the last laugh, after the party my keg was empty ! his still full. and really good...
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    Bulk Priming Shortcut

    Yes u could wedge, Not hard to bottle a few from the keg..u should research and find out about it..not hard to do..
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    Turn A Dishwasher Into A Bottlewasher

    not bad...need one to clean fermenters now !!