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  1. micbrew

    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Build/Advice/Question Thread

    you could try maltjunkie ... not sure he hangs out here anymore or Lael
  2. micbrew

    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    ok, I'm in as well
  3. micbrew

    Melbourne various items sale

    g day josh id take the pump .. however not financial at the mmoment sorry lots of good gear you have accumulated , there's a few other sites around hbt :barf: etc etc if you don't get any bites here .. keep ya eyes peeled best of luck moving your gear. micbrew
  4. micbrew

    Sealing electric heating elements

    I bought my gear from gryphon brewing in WA (Neville) 3.6 kw element and socket cheers
  5. micbrew

    Sealing electric heating elements

    my original single vessel , I used an alloy hobby box from Jaycar to house the wiring as per a photo above whilst it did the job , I was never happy (safety wise ) ..having a 15 amp element set up this way. I eventually had a socket welded in to the pot .. easy to seal on pot and now use a...
  6. micbrew

    Installing shelves in a commercial fridge

    the clips are a universal clip used in most commercial fridges pubs /coke fridges etc etc if you locate the supplier distributor ..in Victoria it used to be quirks refrigeration ..now Williams refrigeration from memory I have successfully used aluminium security door mesh ..cut to size if that...
  7. micbrew

    portable keg dispenser (vic) R -Brew D2

    bump ..need this gone any takers
  8. micbrew

    Recommended cordless drill for a grain mill & Whirlpool Paddle

    I have an AEG that I use for handy man stuff , this also doubles as my grain mill drill , gutsy and no issues
  9. micbrew

    portable keg dispenser (vic) R -Brew D2

    hey guys , selling my portable keg dispenser made from pvc pipe , with caps either end , will fit a keg comfortably & ice has single font and as pictured comes with a s/steel perlick tap .. easy to manouver its on wheels. Perfect for camping or parties photos are crap , however all surface are...
  10. micbrew

    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap - Tasting Thread

    perhaps a quick carb charge eh :cool:
  11. micbrew

    wtb : stainless steel coil for jocky box (vic)

    Just asking , anybody have a stainless steel coil in the shed they aren't using. looking to set something up for x-mas. cheers micbrew
  12. micbrew

    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap - Tasting Thread

    Posted Today at 6:40 PM You know the drill. Drink it, taste it and insta-AHB it. Update with your offering and if when we can drink it! Swaps: 1. Idzy 2. Mardoo - Treacle Stout - Drink now or later. Now, the treacle is interesting with the hops. Later, all will balance out. 3. Technobabble66...
  13. micbrew

    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap

    And the good lord said , give them rain , thunder lightning ...and pizza and and a pillow (for droid) and the good lord provided :phew: gotta luv a case swap
  14. micbrew

    FS, Trade, Barter, Free etc @ Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap

    May as well jump on the band wagon shed is full its gotta go ! portable keg with single font and stainless perlic tap .. owes me over a hungee in parts just add ice and gas ..perfect for camping pm if interested
  15. micbrew

    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap

    From past swaps we have had heaps of kegs to sample from .. and sometimes you can grab a spot in someone else's set up. But yeah ..ice & a bucket of sort is prooly a good idea :):)