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  1. matt77

    Gas Guyz Ultimate Gas Bundle Giveaway!

    Wow, this is an epic give away. Can't wait till the start covering Adelaide
  2. matt77

    Inkbird Temp controller ITC-308 wifi Giveaway + Discount sales

    Let my boss at work use my 308 to see if it helped his temp control. I think i now need a new one because he loves it
  3. matt77

    Inkbird Giveaway of Thermostat ITC308S with removable NTC Sensor and NTC 30CM Probe

    Love my wifi 308 I can be anywhere and still watch it. All i need is a camera microphone so i can watch/lisyen to the airlock bubble!
  4. matt77

    Two fermenters same fridge

    I've done 2 fermenters in 1 fridge. But i staggered the timing. Temp controlled one til krausen had dropped then put 2nd fermenter in and temp controlled that one. Let 2nd one finish then use ambient to raise temp of both for diacetyl rest. Then cold crashed em both. Adds a week to the first one...
  5. matt77

    Rice Hull Stockist In Adelaide?

    Thanks mate
  6. matt77

    Rice Hull Stockist In Adelaide?

    Sorry to bump an old post. Where are these available?
  7. matt77

    First Stout - it's gone berserk!

    I have i did. Funny comment based on not knowing what yeast i was using. And i aim for 17°c at start for most ferments But yeah if it still got 3 inches of foamy krausen i think it was fermenting fine
  8. matt77

    First Stout - it's gone berserk!

    I was worried about this withmy stout. I set ferment temperatire around 14°c just to slow it right down
  9. matt77

    Adding dex /ldme to an all grain stout

    Probably why it is reported to thin the beer slightly. It is adding water... Roughly 100mL for every kg dex Nice science👍
  10. matt77

    Adding dex /ldme to an all grain stout

    Aiming for 6% i wouldn't call that big. Most of my brews have been about that and they're all gone in 2 months. I had a dark ale in pet bottles for 7 years. Forgot them at the folks place. Tasted like nectar...
  11. matt77

    Adding dex /ldme to an all grain stout

    It'll be lucky to get 2 months. 😂 Was going to keg it .
  12. matt77

    Adding dex /ldme to an all grain stout

    Thanks Yep 22 litre batch 500dex 500 malt I just work on 10g sugar per 100ml water. 2kg per 20 litre =1.040 Or 1kg sugar to 20 litre =1.020 Didn't consider malt would up fg a little. Thanks I went 29g columbus (16%) recipe was 19g so I've probably got a bit of room to add sweetness
  13. matt77

    Adding dex /ldme to an all grain stout

    I've done an all-grain stout. Pale malt, flaked barley and roast barley (66%, 20%, 10%) OG 1.042 mashed around 68°c . So probably won't finish real low. But i like my beers nearly 6% alc. If i add 1kg dex (or 500 dex 500 ldm) will it ruin it? Was going for a guinnesss clone and have 800ml...