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    Another Sunday is upon us

    Brined, dry rubbed and slow roasted pulled pork has an hour to go, made a big batch of homemade sausage rolls for lunch. Just pulled out two chocolate cakes for a double layer cake.. Veggies going in soon, just need to make the icing. Sipping on a homebrewed belgian dark ale. Got to love...
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    Thinking of diversifying my alcohol production, specifically looking to make some homemade whiskey. I was looking at Anyone else used these, do they create a smooth spirit? Any other suggestions? Not wanting to feature in an episode...
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    Shed cleanout - ACT

    Again, prices? first dibs on the wooden keg, subject to price and details of what is a wooden keg (vs a barrel)
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    Brett on my fruit? Assistance sought from the sour experts.

    Found this link with multiple pics that might help
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    Brett on my fruit? Assistance sought from the sour experts.

    Not even a novice on this line of brewing, but exposure to air at top of fermenter could be the source of the growth if re-fermentation didn't kick off in a hurry, I had a batch of olives show similar growth, the fruit needed to be submerged at all times to avoid it. Did you wash the fruit...
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Jump on for pricing, they are comparable to other imports. Cheers.
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    It has the import labels on each bottle, so fingers crossed the batch is fresh.
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Splurged at beer cartel - they have Stone beers! Going to try and pace myself and just taste one bottle a night, with a fresh batch of English Strong Ale on tap it should (in theory) be doable.
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Double jack was lovely, good balance given the high alcohol Suffolk Ale - delicious, brown sugar treacle sugar flavoured malts, must.. get... more
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    Can't Decide on Pot Size for BIAB

    A 40L urn is a tried and true step up from kits as a starting point, electric, concealed element, easy and cheap way to move up. As Hoppy2B said, you will also need a gas burner or be comfortable drilling holes in the pot for electric elements (bad drilling = buggered pot) , ball valves etc so...
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    Stalled fermentation - Anything else left to do?

    Nice one - thanks for the tip Manticle. How to perform the fast ferment test? To perform the test you need a sample of wort and yeast. The amount of wort should be enough to perform a hydrometer reading later (6 to 8 oz (120 to 200 ml)). The amount of yeast should result in a pitching rate...
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    Stalled fermentation - Anything else left to do?

    ? what's a forced - fast ferment test?
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    Are blichmann overrated or worth the extra $?

    Umm electric hoist not electronic. But otherwise... as above!
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    Stalled fermentation - Anything else left to do?

    Huh that's odd. Did you aerate the wort well before pitching? Otherwise you've done the trinity of shake, temp rise and re-pitch. It's under 1.020. I say crash and bottle