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    What to do with leftover WB-06?

    Don't forget a weizenbock as a possibility. Underrated style. Perfect for winter. You could always add fruit of you don't like the way wb-06 tastes.
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    Fresh Wort Cubes for sale (FWK) Shoalhaven

    Hey Royce @Garfield, have a mate in Bomaderry who uses FWK continuously. Have passed this on to him. You are barely making me want to brew at those prices.
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    single vs triple layer kettle

    2 elements boil 65 litres for me easily. You can insulate the pot if you go electric and go higher than this is imagine.
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    single vs triple layer kettle

    Why not go single and all electric?
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    Ring of Scum - Cleaning Bottles

    I will put the flame suit on. I add a big squirt of Domestos, fill to the brim and leave for a day then empty, ring gone! Fill the next bottle with the same liquid. Rinse and then sanitise when ready to use. It's the sodium hydroxide in it that cleans glass nicely. It rinses easily out of glass.
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    Mangrove Jack Yeast (in general)

    Aren't there too many MJ Belgian strains to be all repackaged other OEM yeast? I be tried most and find the Belgian ones interesting and can't see an OEM equivalent. Unless they are blending?
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    Bees love wort - do they?

    I always get them hanging around the boil. To the point I have found one at the bottom of a fermenter. I find them whenmost attracted to the boil when doing a high gravity boil.
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    A stolen idea.

    I don't like to let my yeast near unboiled grain or mash. Literally loads of nasties in there.
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    Mangrove Jacks Stainless Fermenter tap mod

    Yes. Threaded male eto male though the pot and silicone washer and nut on the inside of the pot. If I knew a welder who could do stainless, it would be worthwhile to have the pipe welded to the pot. Then all you do is put the ball valve straight on the pipe. Then add a nipple and hose and your...
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    Mangrove Jacks Stainless Fermenter tap mod

    Yes. Too big. You would need to drill/file out the hole. There is a guy who sells 3/8 inch 3 piece out of Melbourne on eBay. Get a 3 piece as you want to be able to clean it. It's cold side so everything should be sanitary. The hole is already the correct size. I ended up sourcing my fittings...
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    Mangrove Jacks Stainless Fermenter tap mod

    I responded in the other thread. You want a 3/8 inch ball valve. Basically it's a 3/8 inch nipple/threaded pipe through the hole. On the inside, a stainless nut, silicone washer, fermenter wall, silicone washer, stainless washers, ball valve, nipple, hose. I sourced stuff from eBay and...
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    Mangrove Jack's Stainless Steel fermenter

    Hi I use these fermenters. 3/8 inch stainless is the size. I had to buy parts from various sources to make it work. Includes stuff that didn't fit. If you want more details let me know and I will run through what I got and where. I don't use a pickup. Just for the fermenter at the end a bit as...
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    Bottle Conditioning

    This happens to me from time to time with high gravity beers. I just uncap, add yeast then recap with new caps. It is really better to just add yeast at bottling for high gravity beers if you doubt the yeast is up to carbing up the beer. Especially if aged for any time in bulk n a barrel or on...
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    Fixing an overly bitter coffee porter

    Hi, Lactose works. Just have to add a bit to a sample then scale up to full size to get right ratio. Boil it and add at kegging.
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    Fantome dark white

    Is there any way to predict release of wyeast pc strains? What was the temp the RIS was fermented at? Was free.of any fusely taste.