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    Smoking Meat...

    Generally pellets will burn quicker than chunks. Whether to use pellets, chips or chunks depends on how you use them. Generally: high intensity, low duration smoke can be made form pellets whilst low intensity, long duration can be made from chips or chunks. That is over simplified because there...
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    What did I do wrong?

    I too have had similar results from adding fruit to a beer near the end of fermentation. I suspect the simple sugars from the fruit could be like giving the yeast a shot of steroids and then they run around and smash up everything. Equally you could say it might be like supercharging the yeast...
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    Bent Chinook Bine

    Early in the day is good too.
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    No Topic Thread

    Yes there is a certain age that you get to and they just start sprouting. I think they are related to nasal hair. I pluck my own. Except for when I get a haircut and the barber shoves the the buzz shaver with no comb, in the ear ole. My ears aren't that big, he shoves a corner of the shaver...
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    Going to the South Pole

    2nd picture in the Flickr series says "North Pole" on the left patch. Topic title says "Going to the South Pole".
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    Hello from Adelaide

    Hello chaps. There is quite an active community of beer brewers in the Adelaide region (some of us make that stuff that is not beer too!). We have a few get togethers and talk about all sorts of beer stuff; they are great social events. If you want to see and learn from someone else brewing...
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    Braumeister - Tips & Tricks

    Excellent Stuff!
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    No Topic Thread

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    2013 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Small shoots = small bines? Did you get the dwarf variety?
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    2013 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Same in my part of South Australia.
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    First World Problems Thread

    I am quite hesitant* to imagine what you might be doing... *Nay, let's say it is repulsive to even consider imaginging. :P
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    First World Problems Thread

    If you're rapping your knuckles whilst giving it a wack, you're likely to be doing something wrong.
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    Hi GuysCheap Hop Rhizomes - Last Week available

    I have bought rhizomes from Sandy in the past and can say that they are good value.
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    Smoking Meat...

    Chicken soaked in salts and nitrates (a quick cure premix at recommended rate) for 3 days and some cheap kabana from the supermarket. Cheap snags are improved by smoking so surely cheap kabana would be awesome! Hot smoked at 130oC for too long, on an upper shelf, with some dried timber...
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    Help With Smoking Mussels

    I couldn't help myself so I bought some mussels in brine and garlic from the supermarket. It was a rushed decision given that I had some chicken bits I was smoking today so I threw some mussels in too. A few trimmings of dead wood from the nectarine tree with some pecan pellets. Hot smoked at...