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    Reducing Oxidation while Bottling

    It was a hard decision but was concerned with the degradation of the rubber over time on the swing top caps and with this not knowing if one bottle had gone through 6 batches vs. one which was brand new without a detailed inspection of each before bottling. The caps just get replaced each batch...
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    Reducing Oxidation while Bottling

    Plastic crates yes, swing tops no. 27 crates of this.
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    Reducing Oxidation while Bottling

    Has anyone tried using the oxygen scavenging / absorption caps? The should (in theory) lower the risk of oxidation for bottled beers. I've started using them on the past two batches but haven't bottled any with the old caps as a control. Oxidation hasn't been a problem for me over my past 45...
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    Dry Hopping - Techniques, Weighting & Removal (Reducing Oxidation?)

    G'day All, I've been reading and seen some comments which is making me question my dry hopping methods. I've found that having the hops in the fermenter for 3-4 days is optimum for most batches & usually add them in a hopsock when the gravity is 1-2 points from completion. But after these 3-4...
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    All Grain Beer (with Ginger)

    This turned out very good, really exactly as planned with the balance between the beer and ginger. This batch was well liked by lots of people over here who'd never even heard of a ginger beer. That said, a few points for improvement for the next time : 1) Head retention was a bit lacking...
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    Braumeister 20L Plus

    The cooling skin does work well when the pump is on, however in summer the hotter temperatures does mean it takes twice as long using tap water (good thing 'summer' only lasts 4 weeks here!) Not as fast as other chilling means but good for simplicity + cleaning.
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    Add Dry Hop ??

    G'day Pete, By the sounds of things you'd need to add your dry hops when your gravity is a few points from completion. Depending on your fermentation temperature this is probably about day 5-10 days after pitching yeast depending on your yeast strain, starting gravity, fermentation temperature...
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    Recurring Problem : High/Over Attenuation

    So a bit of an update. Haven't had the thermometer delivered yet but I brewed a <sort of> Coopers ESVA (some changes to the recipe posted) with an updated mash schedule of 10@48 | 5@63 | 30@67 | 20@72 | 5@78 for 5.7kg of grains + coopers cultured yeast. I took a hydrometer reading at the middle...
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    Temperature Controlled Conical - Options?

    I watched this over the weekend, super interesting comparison! The simplicity of the Grainfather is appealing and it is relatively inexpensive for what it is. Thanks for the feedback, great to hear some thoughts on the setup. David is a very happy Grainfather customer, could he perhaps be...
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    NEIPA do's and don'ts

    I wish, was devastated when I found out this video was an April fools joke.
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    NEIPA do's and don'ts

    The guys on the Craft Brewing Channel did a detailed two-part series on creating a NEIPA, can be found here & here with their recipe+method on their site. The reaction on their faces after tasting is just pure joy - they touch on some good ideas to limit oxidation at a homebrewer level with...
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    Are there any "rules" on here for sponsors?

    Could have used a third option "Don't really care either way" 😆
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    Temperature Controlled Conical - Options?

    Exactly what I was looking at, a YouTuber has released a video praising the fermenter+chiller but keen for a second opinion once you get it going.
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    Temperature Controlled Conical - Options?

    Cheers for the detailed overview, looks like a beautiful setup. Thanks for your thoughts on the uni, I hadn't been thinking about lagers but you're right - that would take up a lot of time. Alternative would be to have 2-3 uni's & then brew every one-two weeks (depending on ale/lager), but...
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    pricing liquid vs dry yeasts

    I keep hearing that people are getting great results with dry yeast and the range is ever-growing. I should give dry a go, but I've got a really good system with my liquids, which I know provide good results. My setup is a bank of 7 liquid yeasts which either need a starter to get going again or...