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  1. LorriSanga

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    Aren't they an essential service to be open?
  2. LorriSanga

    What are you listening to

  3. LorriSanga

    What are you brewing - 2019?

    Brewing the lightest Bitter that Ive done before on Sunday. No crystal. Golden Promise/Wheat/Rye. SRM 4.7
  4. LorriSanga

    What are you brewing - 2019?

    Haha, they are my end of night type beers. "bordrline Brahms"?
  5. LorriSanga

    Beginner, diving head first into BIAB

    I think BIAB is a great place to start. As other have said simple recipe to start...do a SMASH APA or something. I think looking after your yeast is a biggie. 2nd hand bar fridge with a temperature control and go for it.
  6. LorriSanga

    What are you brewing - 2019?

    Brewed another Landlord type thing today, loving Yorky1469. 1.043 1.012 30IBUs 95% MO 4% C120 1% Acid 27g Northdown @ 60 19g EKG @ 20 31g Styrains @ FO
  7. LorriSanga

    Inkbird Special Deal 20% OFF ONLY $55.99 for ITC-308 WIFI

    Hi, is the probe designed to be placed into the wort?
  8. LorriSanga

    Can never get OG lower than 1.022

    Hey Tyson...that would be FG. I had this problem in the early days. My problem was mash temps wern't accurate. Mash to high by accident leaving behind unfermentables. How long are you leaving the yeast to ferment?
  9. LorriSanga

    What are you brewing - 2019?

    It was when the site went to the dogs, I stopped coming here. Only returned to find it dead.
  10. LorriSanga

    What are you brewing - 2019?

    First Brewday in 18 months yesterday, had a blast. Made me realize how much it seemed like a chore 2 years ago. Standard Bitter 22L Golden Prom 92% C120 6% Spec Roast 3% Northdown @ 60/0.5g/l Pac Jade @ 60/0.4 g/l EKG @ 30/0.7 g/l EKG @ 1/0.7 g/l Wyeast 1469
  11. LorriSanga

    New research on dry yeast

    Aerating the wort razz?
  12. LorriSanga

    What are you listening to

    It's breakfast, time for some Aussie blackness.......
  13. LorriSanga

    American Cream Ale

    I thought polenta was available from supermarkets?
  14. LorriSanga

    Whats In The Glass

    Tony"s LC Bright Ale. vvv Sorry, I'm shit at this!