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    Lambic Beer: What You Need to Know About This Unique Brewing Style

    Delve into one of my favourite beers, Belgian Lambics are one of the most unique beers with an equally unique fermenting technique. Check It Out!
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    What Is An IPA Beer?

    OINK! OINK! 😜
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    FaceBook Banned Me!...Again!

    A bit of a change of pace this week, apparently I've received my 5th strike from the powers-that-be at FaceBook. Have I been hacked? Are FaceBook out to get me? No idea, check out my newest video to find out more.
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    More Great Books For Homebrewing That Will Help You Brew Better Beer

    My follow-up to a video a few weeks back where we looked at the essential reads any budding homebrewer will need to read if they want great tasting beer. In this video, we're sharing some more great books for homebrewing that will help you brew better beer. From starter kits to beer brewing...
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    What Are The Best Books For Homebrewers?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, am currently making the follow-up video and will certainly include some of these books.
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    5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Homebrewing

    Hindsight is an amazing thing, join me in my latest video as I count down all the things I wish I knew before I started making my own beer at home.
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    How To Brew Stout The Right Way

    Drilldown into the nuts and bolts of how to make a robust, roasty Stout in my latest video! Oh! and if you're keen to grab yourself a copy of 'The Craft Beer Kitchen' just jot ya name and email in the thread below or DM me and I'll send a copy out to you.
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    What Are The Best Books For Homebrewers?

    Knowledge is key, especially so in Homebrewing. In my latest video we check out a few of my favourite and most influential homebrewing books available today.
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    Best Books For Newbies Starting Out?

    Had a cobber wanting to step into homebrewing and asked me what material he should read, gotta admit I kinda drew a blank as I learned Homebrewing on-line pretty much. Be keen to know what books you guys have read on the subject. Cheers.
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    Beer Adjuncts - What Are They? Which Ones Should I Use? And What Are They Going To Do To My Beer?

    Are you curious about beer adjuncts? Do you want to learn more about these popular brewing ingredients? In this video, I'll be explaining what beer adjuncts are and how they're used in beer brewing.
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    How To Increase The ABV In Your HomeBrew (without compromising flavour)

    I'm a Imperial IPA drinker from way back, and paradoxically I enjoy light lawnmower beers, so go figure. So how can we add alcohol to our beer without compromising on things like mouthfeel and body? Find out in my latest video.
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    What Is The Difference Between A Stir-Plate And James Bond?

    I'm yet to invest in a stir-plate, so does that mean I'll never have healthy, pitchable yeast, with a decent cell count? Perhaps there's more than one way to skin a cat? Find out in the latest video.
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    What Is The Best Pressure Fermenter?

    There are so many products out there its impossible to cover them all, so here a small snippet of a select few of the more well-known Pressure Fermenters that are available. Check This Out!
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    What Hops Should I Use?

    How do you decide which hop combinations go well together? Am I going to be using a hop that will make my beer too bitter? Is this a hop I can use for dry-hopping or not? Nothing is ever simple when it comes to hopping your beer, check out my latest HBW video and see what I mean.
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    Lager vs Pseudo Lager

    Delve into a world where ales identify as lagers. In my next HBW video!