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  1. Leigh

    New Forum Revamp

    loving the new forum layout, particularly on the bb
  2. Leigh

    Driving In Russia

    I think the horse knew his road rules better than most others!
  3. Leigh

    Wtb - Vic - Kegging Components

    Hmmm, no posts. You can get cheaper around. I just sold 4 kegs for $50 each complete, albeit dirty.
  4. Leigh

    Cleaning Of Equipment (secondhand)

  5. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

    All sold again pending payment and collection. I do my best Yob lol
  6. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

    OK, Good news for people in Melbourne. The sale fell through, taps have gone to second in the que, all-metal keg is also taken, but I found yet another rubber topped keg surplus to needs today lol So up for sale is: The Kegerator/Keezer $200 3 corny kegs $50 each
  7. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

    Everything sold pending payment and pickup.
  8. IMG_4529 (Small).JPG

    IMG_4529 (Small).JPG

  9. IMG_4528 (Small).JPG

    IMG_4528 (Small).JPG

  10. IMG_4527 (Small).JPG

    IMG_4527 (Small).JPG

  11. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

    Should be no issue.
  12. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

  13. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

    Lastly for this initial clearout is two new-in-box Perlick 525SS forward sealing stainless steel taps. $50 each
  14. IMG_4511 (Small).JPG

    IMG_4511 (Small).JPG

  15. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

    2nd up is 3 x 18L Kegs, two with the rubber top as in the pic above, the third is pictured below. $50 each