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    Kegerator Repair

    I would say so, mine is also Euro Grande but I can't recall when I bought it. It would have to 7 or 8 years ago, In any case, they are all fairly generic and just branded according to the importer. My controller packed up about a year ago and once replaced, now works better than ever. The main...
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    Kegerator Repair

    You need to buy a new controller for it, the controller on the top front panel that includes the display. They are easy to change and will fix your problem. Not only that, they have been upgraded from the original so they are a bit more user friendly and more stable. You will need to do a...
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    Earthy Mushroomy Taste?

    Fuggles hops are definitely noted for their earthy flavour and are certainly typically English. Any other influence on the earthy flavours could well have come from the yeast strain (also contamination by wild yeasts or deliberately introduced 'farmhouse' ale yeast strains such as Brett or...
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    Hefe Weizen flavour

    I make a lot of lagers and as ridiculous as it may sound, pitch at 25 - 30C. However, I do pitch big - always from a starter and an actively fermenting starter. A pack of lager yeast, assuming 100% viability is barely enough for 10L wort. After pitching I give it oxygen, a rest at the higher...
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    Grain Storage

    ... In the meantime, people throw their old fermenters out. WTF!
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    Homebrew Competition - Australian Regional Homebrew Champs

    You are being unfairly critical. From the way I read it the OP was simply stating the comp is fair and equitable and above board and clearing the air of any bias.
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    Toasted oat cream braggot

    Some pils malt would be better, it is much higher in enzymes than Munich
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    Toasted oat cream braggot

    Completely enzyme free grain bill. Good luck with that one.
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    Problems with German Lager Yeast (WLP830)

    Run your starters closer to 30C just make sure you gradually chill the starter to the same temperature of your wort prior to pitching
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    Returning home brewer with an upgrade

    The only way to successfully bottle from a keg is with a counter pressure bottle filler. There are other ways but nothing beats a CPBF
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    Brown Sugar

    Soft brown sugar won't add much in the way of flavour. I know what you're thinking, brown sugar tastes super tasty, toffee like flavours and lots of melanoidins. However, fermentation will destroy most of that, it won't leave much behind.
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    Step Mash ramp up time

    Do you use software for your brew session? I'm still stuck in the dark, dark ages and use Pro Mash and ramp times go into... ramp times so not included in mash times. But, they do sit between mash times and are not part of it - unless you want them to be. It's really not important at all.
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    Nothing to do with oxidation but hops do fade after time and of course when you're bottle conditioning it takes time. To give you an example, I went to wedding reception at a posh pub and they had little creatures in bottles. It's a well known fact that hop flavour and aroma fade pretty quickly...
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    Bulk grain in Adelaide

    I second Beer Belly but there are a couple of others around if distance is a problem, one in the hills somewhere and one at Holden Hill. There are probably others. There's not much that Beer Belly doesn't have, either ingredients or equipment
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    Tips for improving a wheat beer

    Not really true. Mangrove Jack's M20 Bavarian Wheat is a cracker of a yeast and every bit as good as 3068 but needs to be treated a little differently. You can definitely make a great wheat beer with malted wheat and it's definitely German in style whereas unmalted wheat is more for the Belgian...