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krz's Recent Activity

  1. krz liked Doctor Jay's post in the thread Hello mates - where should I start?.

    I agree with most of the above, however I replaced the kit part of brewing with using a wort kit from a local brewery (you can get them...

    15/1/19 at 7:32 AM
  2. krz liked Bobski's post in the thread Hello mates - where should I start?.

    Hey there, Where to start? That is a big question and depends on your current knowledge, (IMO). I started out knowing nothing and was...

    15/1/19 at 7:30 AM
  3. krz replied to the thread Hello mates - where should I start?.

    He's already thrown the towel in, no response since his original post. He must have had one to many the night he made that post!

    14/1/19 at 11:09 AM
  4. krz replied to the thread All Grain - is it substantially better beer?.

    Yeah, its worth it. Think about fresh bread vs yesterdays bread, notice a difference? I havent been All grain that long, about 6...

    11/1/19 at 10:41 AM
  5. krz liked wide eyed and legless's post in the thread Reusing yeast.

    Difficult to judge, maybe this will help.

    11/1/19 at 10:31 AM
  6. krz replied to the thread KegLand Questions and Answers.

    Steve, I have a SS uni-tank with the FTS and also the G40. No problem squeezing the pump in,