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    seized keg king silver pump

    Not a good sign. They are non-serviceable. If you've checked the volute and impeller, then the only other moving parts are the shaft bearings and seal. Since it's been running noisy, I'm almost certain the bearings have gone. Lube won't help now.
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    Wet Milling?

    Look up a mechamasher. It's an auger injector that mixes grist with strike water as the grist comes out of the mill.
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    If you want the authority on crazy slugs, this guy's your man.
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    What are your ways to split up your brew day/s?

    Yeah, you can do it that way. I personally wouldn't because thermodynamics works on mass - volume is not really ever used for this kind of analysis. Specific heat capacity, latent heat capacity etc etc is all expressed as mass-based so your watts/L is just watts/kg divided by density. But...
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    What are your ways to split up your brew day/s?

    That isn't the effect of vessel volume as such, it's specific boiling power (watts/kg). You'd get the same effect if you kept a 20L boil and made the power 200 kW or something crazy.
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    Winter = soups & stews

    That's the flow chart for vegetable oil refining, which would include margarine, oils, waxes etc. If you took one for milk (ie butter), it would be pretty similar in complexity.
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    What are your ways to split up your brew day/s?

    If you're looking to accelerate the reactions in the boil, then it would be worth understanding the reaction kinetics (if anyone's actually done that research; it would be rather difficult). I think what a lot of people in this thread are angling at is: Yes, there is no data regarding boil...
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    Hallertau Mittelfruh @ 2.6% AA?

    Hallertau as a dry hop can introduce some grassiness. Not as bad as saaz, but I'd skip the dry hop to save more for the boil to compensate for the lower AA
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    Counterflow chiller, a fixed flow rate

    It's better to make a bypass from the pump outlet to the pump inlet, and put a valve in there. This will more accurately control your flow than simply throttling the pump. What you really want is an atemperation loop, as we call it. The problem is you'll need another pump, and a cooling water...
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    Bubbles in beer line after the keg and before Faucet

    Hi mate, yeah it will affect your pressure readings, UNLESS your pressure gauges are calibrated for atmospheric pressure at that altitude (they won't be).
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    Bubbles in beer line after the keg and before Faucet

    Well spotted. It was right when I wrote the article, i can't say what the editor did. The article is very much dumbed down from the original submission I made, and it looks like during the reformatting the last two cells were duplicated.
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    Binary Beer "smart" kegs

    Interesting. I hope it survives the brutal life of a commercial keg.
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    beer lines

    I get nervous putting hot water into kegs without a vacuum breaker fitted...
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    Beer Line - what diameter?

    This is opposite of true.
  15. klangers

    Beer Line - what diameter?

    Do some searching and reading. There is more than ample information out there explaining how to do this on both this forum and the internet at large. It is more complicated than just whacking some tube in.