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    Selling beer brewed offsite - Nano-brewery start-ups in Qld

    Might be worth talking to Lee at white lies. He licences his home brewery and does it all from there; bonded area and all. If you are getting someone else to make it, you will end up paying more than you can actually sell the beer for in some cases, better to dig further and make it yourself.
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    what would a pub pay for 50ltr keg of "craft beer"

    Contrary to popular belief and to most of the incorrect information on this thread, most decent craft beers are cheaper than the megaswill, but dont have rebates or tap agreements. A good 4.5-5 percent local craft beer SHOULD cost no more than $250ex. As the percentage goes up so does excise...
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    Help choose our tap beer - Royal George Hotel

    Thought about any of the fantastic QLD beers available?
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    SE QLD Xmas-in-28th of June 2014

    And??? What happened?? Was there a geriatric in his speedos saying 'that's a bit dark for a pilsner!' In a loud voice? Was there a herbally impaired crazy Scotsman dressed in a blow up penis playing the bagpipes whilst keeping time by kicking his giant blow up balls? What happened?
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    SE QLD Xmas-in-28th of June 2014

    you could be right there parks. The perils of having one of the best jobs in the world....
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    SE QLD Xmas-in-28th of June 2014

    Sorry I cant make this one due to work commitments boys, first swap I have missed in a while. Please placate me with a flurry of shit slinging and boobs on this post. Cheers
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    Archive brew day - Holgate Road Trip with Paul Holgate

    Thanks bro, 25th March. Sorry bouts that guys. Its NEXT Tuesday!
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    Archive brew day - Holgate Road Trip with Paul Holgate

    Guys it is the 25th of April and absolutely real. Everyone will have a chance to see the roady recipe scaled to a 20L batch. There will be a few Holgate beers on tap, including roady, and nibbles will be provided by Fino fine foods. Should be a fun day, paul is doing all the calculations from...
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    Brewvegas 23 to 29 March

    If anyone wants to learn the Holgate roadtrip recipe, Paul Holgate will be revealing it and brewing roadtrip from scratch at archive on Tuesday at midday. There will be Holgate beers on tap and food provided. He will not be using brewing software and doing all calculations himself like they...
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    Temp probe location

    I use old corny dip tube from ross (he charges me bugger all for them) and cut them and crimp them at the bend. Seal the tube with food grade silicon before crimping and you have an awesome budget thermowell that will reach into the beer from the lid. Great control and the probe doesnt touch...
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    Brewing on the Sunshine Coast

    I couldn't recommend 'the hills' more, whilst dreaming of the passing banjos, you wind up in a beer drinkers paradise, with an eclectic welding collection, 6 taps, a crocodile, a bird chasing hound, the most generous and giving people you have ever met and a lager boy sign.... Just don't...
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    Naming your home brewery

    Mine is King Brown Brewing. The name comes from where I grew up out bush where the locals would sit in the park and drink tallies out of brown paper bags without a care in the world. They called them King Browns. The lack of a fancy label and marketing and sitting in the park without a care...
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    Josie Bones - Closing

    Couldnt agree more Snowdog. My comments were not an attack on the service they provided, on all reports it was fantastic. Funny how everyone shot back with how good their experience was; I said nothing about the service or experience, just the horrendous pricing. Too many bars are gouging...
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    How I clean my plate chiller

    Holy shit!!!! I clean mine, but I'm not that pedantic. Just don't turn on the cold water until it's flowing out the plate and the boiling wort will sanitise all the crusties that are hiding. A good pbw soak here and there won't hurt...
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    Josie Bones - Closing

    Maybe if the greedy fucks hadn't charged double what a beer is worth, people would have gone there. Let it be a warning to other operators that think they can get away with that sort of pricing; punters will vote with their wallets.