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    Help, Did wife dry hopped my Beer too early?

    Citra and Vic Secret will be fine! Might get a bit of juiciness in the lager... hoppy lager incoming!
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    Picobrew Zymatic FS Newcastle

    Getting rid of some excess stuff, all works perfectly. Cheers
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    Blood Orange Dark Farmhouse Saison

    Long shot here, but I used to have a Blood Orange Dark farmhouse Saison recipe (99% sure supplied by Shawn Sherlock somewhere online), but I can't find it anywhere on my laptop and suspect it was lost in the great hard drive crash of 2016. I have an altered hard copy where I'd omitted the blood...
  4. Judanero

    Mangrove Jack Yeast (in general)

    Another vote for M42, probably my favourite dried yeast. Great in APA, stout, RIS, and currently drinking a brown ale...delicious. Can't wait to try this yeast in an IPA.
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    Ringwood Ale 1187

    10L should be no problems, and then the yeast cake from this 10L batch would be perfect for a RIS...
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    Ringwood Ale 1187

    Looks like some condensation in the flask so it'd be safe to say there's activity, can't say I've ever noticed 1187 to be darker in a starter... What size batch are you pitching into? I love 1187 so would have no problems pitching into well oxygenated wort and fermenting at 20c.
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    I was wondering how long the left one had been growing, you have the patience of a monk.
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    Interesting cacti you have in the background.... Hop kabinet2000 is pretty cool too
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    Kegerator (EuroGrand XB180) not cool enough

    Oh and add some fans in there if you haven't already, circulates so much better than the underperforming one it comes with.
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    Kegerator (EuroGrand XB180) not cool enough

    Left hand side when you open the door, looks like a grill. Cover pulls off easily, replacement probe costs~$20 from memory.
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    Brewers Round Tamworth New England Northern Plains

    The last time I spoke to Anthony (owns the brew shop at Tamworth) he said he was looking to get one going, meeting up once a month... As far as I know though he hasn't gone any further with it. He said any info will go up on the Tru brew Facebook page, I'll stop in during the week to see if...
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    What are you listening to

    Another Tarantino gem (Bowie, music by Moroder, Cat people being a strangely ok movie)
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    What are you listening to

    I would kill (metaphorically) for a night where Tarantino was DJ and put on his favourite jams
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    100 litre 3v electric brewery build

    Epic build mate! Looks great and should knock out some nice consistent batches.