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  1. joshuahardie

    Belvedere Vodka - Dan Murphy Misprint

    Not on the website online catalogue, and not on the thousands of printed catalogues in mailboxes and instore.
  2. joshuahardie

    Belvedere Vodka - Dan Murphy Misprint

    Don't know if this is relevant to anyone. Dan Murphys stuffed up their latest catalogue, and are selling 1Litre bottles of Belvedere for the price of a 750ml I have seen a few different online prices, but the stuffup means you save somewhere between $22.50 and $35 a bottle I got a couple...
  3. joshuahardie

    Six String Brewing Comp

    So who won?
  4. joshuahardie

    Belgian beer tasting Oldfield Cellars 27/4

    Late to the party here, but I also tried to get in and it had sold out. hope it was good
  5. joshuahardie

    Final meet for 2016?

    i would go via niagara park, lisarow and ourimbah on the way. pm me if you need to contact me. ill be leaving my place just before 2
  6. joshuahardie

    Final meet for 2016?

    I have always wanted her in my mouth..... i have a imperial pale, or a session ipa... take your pick it is neither and a munich helles
  7. joshuahardie

    Final meet for 2016?

    I have some smoked goodies to bring.
  8. joshuahardie

    Final meet for 2016?

    I am thinking I am still going to be there, and will bring something appropriate food wise. I have beer related functions on both the Friday and Saturday night before, so ill be using up all my credits with SWMBO
  9. joshuahardie

    Future activities

    The oldfield cellars is a good idea. that place is coming along nicely
  10. joshuahardie

    New Website

    Looks good. I'll take a proper look and will contribute more when I get back from o/s
  11. joshuahardie

    Future activities

    Another idea is one of the monthly beer dinners held at foghorn. i went to the last one and it was money well spent. 3 courses and 6 beers for $49
  12. joshuahardie

    Having a whinge at the price of beer

    I was at the Noble Hops a few weeks ago, and made the mistake of ordering the Almanac Dogpatch Sour without looking at the price. Well that was a $40 stubby. Didn't realise until after it was opened. Yes it was great, but that is insane for a beer. Just insane prices
  13. joshuahardie

    FS: Clear out - false bottom, drip tray, taps, ball valves etc.

    Ill take the drip tray if it is still available. Ill send you a PM
  14. joshuahardie

    Anyone going to Bitter and Twisted 2015

    Of course I will Les. Hopefully the weather clears up a little
  15. joshuahardie

    Anyone going to Bitter and Twisted 2015

    They do sell tickets at the door but they won't for saturday as it is a sellout. sunday last time i checked had tickets left. last year the breweries listed were amazing. however this year they are only showing 15 breweries as attending.... pretty pisspoor for one of australias oldest beer...