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  1. JnR_Mc

    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    Well on my way to the new controller, using the Avollkofp Fork I have the Pi up and running with the setting that I wanted. Carried out some simple testing using a GPOI break-out board to ensure that all actors were doing what they should be. Other parts on order. Once I finish this work swing...
  2. JnR_Mc

    Another Inkbird Temp controller ITC-308 wifi Giveaway +Brewing Heat pads

    🙋ITC-308 WiFi would be my choice please
  3. JnR_Mc

    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    I'll send you a PM Bobby
  4. JnR_Mc

    Ideas for a new homebrewery garage

    Any scope to add a floor drain? That the one thing I really wish I had
  5. JnR_Mc

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on IBBQ-4T bbq thermometer+ITH-1p

    I love the give-aways Inkbird Australia are always running. Count me in for this one please
  6. JnR_Mc

    Anyone used Nano BiaBasket?

    Does anyone know what the max grain bill could be used in the 50lt basket version?
  7. JnR_Mc

    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    does anyone happen to have an Expansion Board spare at all?
  8. JnR_Mc

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on thermostats and bbq thermometers

    Yes please, my cheep candy thermometer broke last weekend
  9. JnR_Mc

    All About Canning - Cannular Can Seamers and More...

    Every can I've done in the past have worked flawlesly (over 300), however I think I stuffed up. I was in a rush and maybe didn't wait quite long enough during Fermentation of my Red IPA. Carbed up in the keg and was good to go off the taps for a few weeks, then decided to fill some cans using...
  10. JnR_Mc

    Inkbird Giveaway on ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat !

    Yes please, as a WiFi controller would be awesome when I'm away with work
  11. JnR_Mc

    BULK BUY - Vittle Vault 27kg Grain Storage Containers

    For reference, the left one has 25kg in it and the right one has 12.5kg
  12. JnR_Mc

    BULK BUY - Vittle Vault 27kg Grain Storage Containers

    BKBrews, I already have a few if the 60lb ones and love them. If you have Facebook, it might pay to offer this on the Home Brewing Australia page, I would have a guess that you could get plenty of people keen on this deal
  13. JnR_Mc

    Inkbird Giveaway on Heating Pad for Home Brewing Seedling Reptile Fish

    100% in for an upgraded brew heater. Just upgraded my brew fridge and the current one just does not cut it anymore