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  1. J

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I would be very interested in this too
  2. J


    Thank you Schikitar - considered a bag but felt I’d get more out of them if free. May try it next time depending on how I go
  3. J


    First brew in the fermzilla. Omnipollo 4:21 vanilla raspberry milkshake IPA. Chucked the raspberries in the top after primary fermentation and dry hopped 230g mosaic pellets through the bottom tonight. Great seeing the process as if happens unlike my old bucket. The colour change is amazing...
  4. J

    Guten whirlpool arm on brewzilla?

    Works quite well on my small Robobrew
  5. J

    Food Gardening

    Hi mate I would definitely be keen. I’m in Cairns. Tried looking for private message function but couldn’t see. Jim. jimreeves13@hotmail.com
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    Food Gardening