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  1. J

    What Is A Real Brewer ?

    This is going to be one of those interesting threads Just to have a little input , and stir the pot a bit Wold you perfer a nice homemade curry ( sorry one of my favourites ) Or a nice can of "Tom Piper" curry? <_< Will sit back and watch now Oh I voted yes :rolleyes:
  2. J

    Starting Wyeast

    Thankyou batz easy to understand with the help of the photos A great help
  3. J

    How Much Have You Brewed This Year

    Your a mob of girls !!!! I brew 64 Lt a week !!!! :chug: :chug: :chug:
  4. J

    Bulk Grain

    What would be a good base grain , if I were to buy a 25Kg bag , I can get Joe White or IMC?
  5. J

    Fruit Beers

    I have dropped a couple of Kaffiar lime leaves in the boil several times , adds a nice tang , goes well with cascade hops
  6. J

    Beer Tap Fronts

    That's it !
  7. J

    Imca Pilsner Malt

    Thanks Jayse As happens I have one in CC now with good amount of hallertau , and some cascade for the last 10 min 60 min boil Yes I have a good rolling boil , sticky kitchen floor proves it , and grumpy wife
  8. J

    Beer Tap Fronts

    GSRman A post with double taps would be exellent , like the ones posted here a while back I would really like a coulpe of Coopers fronts as well , I have andale pull forward taps
  9. J

    Need Help Naming Your Latest Brew?

    Love it ! :D :D
  10. J

    Is My Og Too Low?

    Johnno, Yep to all that you have been told , the Coopers yeast starter from the bottle will take a little longer to take off. Even if your starter is going off I find it still takes 12 hours for the fermenter to be in full swing , not like package yeasts. As far as your brew goes I bet I'll be...
  11. J

    Just Got My 3-tier Font. Woohoo!

    Now I am jealous ! That looks great , so where did you score it from .....I want one ! Got my temp control from the local brew shop , about $100
  12. J

    Ok It's Not Full Grain Mash Brewery

    Never seen an 18 gallon keg ? Your yonger than me ! All we used to have at parties once , the spear is not in the keg , you used to fit it at the time. And if you did'nt know what you were doing look out , may black eyes and broken teeth from that one. The jerrys are food grade and about $20...
  13. J

    Ok It's Not Full Grain Mash Brewery

    sorry the kegs await a bit more work
  14. J

    Ok It's Not Full Grain Mash Brewery

    And it's a bloody good drop too ! I have learnt heaps lately about racking ,CC and now partial mashing , full mashing is comming up , got the kegs and cut the tops last days off LOOK OUT !! Notice the colour of our cement? red like everything else up here :D
  15. J

    Ok It's Not Full Grain Mash Brewery

    Then they CC in that temperture control fridge for 2-3 weeks ( depends on me and friends drinking habits ) then they go into kegs and into a old friend fridge that was once my serving fridge. I was going to dump her as it's all rusted out , but it just keeps on going , kegs CC here for a month...