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  1. J

    Poor Attenuation

    Youre all ******* comedians. Half of you unable to actually read, another quarter not quite comprehending, but comedians nonetheless. Go **** yourselves
  2. J

    Poor Attenuation

    A stout was brewed a month ago, and it's not fermenting out. OG was approx 1.060 FG after four weeks is 1.030 Fermenting at 19 degrees Some likely causes, in the comedy of errors that this beer has gone through..... 1. Wort was splashed everywhere into the dead space of fermenter, so I...
  3. J

    Brew Stand - Bm

    Is that nice and sturdy? I am thinking of buying one from an ebay mob based in Wetherill Park, but with an extra shelf so I can make an enclosure underneath for electrical gear and plumbing
  4. J

    Girls Beer

    :icon_offtopic: Nice, what species? I'm about to get a shiitake culture going.
  5. J

    Rice Hulls In Biab

    With those pumps, couldn't you wire in a voltage controller and 'turn it down' or is it all or nothing>
  6. J

    First Brew!

    It's a good sign yes. But your hydrometer is the tool to use when determining when to bottle. people will say 'two days at the same reading', but really, you won't be doing any harm if you leave it for another week after that. Be aware if you plan to get more vessels that you don't need an...
  7. J

    First Brew!

    How do you reach that conclusion?
  8. J

    Somthing Crisp And Dry.

    You are aware that lagers require fermentation at a lower temperature & a lagering stage. Do you have a dedicated fridge to do this?
  9. J

    Brewmate Vs Beersmith Vs Promash

    Brewmate works for me. I know most of my gear's volume requirements, or how to remedy quickly for variations, so I dont really use software for anything other than recipe formulation. And Brewmate is dead simple, uncluttered and does exactly what I want it to do. Beersmith is fairly impressive...
  10. J

    Home Brew Shop Price Variations

    I think you'll find that Absolute Home Brewing in St Marys is cheaper overall.
  11. J

    Hi All New To Home Brewing / Need A Little Help

    Good on you, Holstein. 2012 will be the year you remember for years to come, as you spend thousands of dollars in equipment to make very cheap, top quality beer ! You won't believe me now, but in a year or two, there'll be all manner of pots, pumps, kegs, electronics, software, fridges, sacks of...
  12. J

    Flour Mill For Crushing Grain

    For making flour or cracking grains for brewing?
  13. J

    No Topic Thread

    The Bavarian Bier Cafe in Parramatta (NSW) is also in a church
  14. J

    Wicked Elf Pale Ale Recipe ?

    Actually, mostly it only irks YOU. The only posts I seem to read from you in my short time here are attacking people for not searching. Chill the hell out, son. It's an internet forum.
  15. J

    Braudino Facia Panels

    Superoo, it's brilliant what you are offering lately, first with the keg tags, now these front panels.