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  1. Jacko1234

    NSW Home Brewing Championship Fail

    I have a complaint regarding the handling of the home brewing championship. I entered 4 meads. The website stated 2 entries per category are permitted. It then proceeded to list many many categories in mead, such as fruit mead, spiced mead, sweet mead, dry mead etc etc. I have asked several...
  2. Jacko1234

    2019 NSW Amateur Home Brewing Championship

    How are the results posted, do we check the website or do we get sent email or something?
  3. Jacko1234

    2019 NSW Amateur Home Brewing Championship

    On the website it says secure the printed label to the bottle with elastic band, on the label itself it says to use clear sticky tape all over it to attach to the bottle. Which is preferred? Also, it says 'All entries, clearly labelled (including completed entry forms printed directly from...
  4. Jacko1234

    Contract Brewing - Anyone Done It?

    Does anyone know any breweries around Newcastle offering gypsy/contract brewing?
  5. Jacko1234

    New liquor license or buy someone elses?

    Does anyone know roughly how long it takes these days to get a new liquor license application approved? I am wondering whether it will be easier to buy someone elses wine wholesale producer license than apply for a new one.
  6. Jacko1234

    NSW and National Championships - Advanced Notice

    I am interested in entering my meads so I will follow this thread for updates.
  7. Jacko1234

    Startup Brewery

    There wouldn't be customers coming it's solely wholesale either bottles or legs to restaurants etc. Once enough money raised to buy a shop then move out and switch to seeing to the public too
  8. Jacko1234

    Startup Brewery

    These guys are closed now by the looks of it but they ran brewing workshops from out of their home. http://www.allgrainbrewing.com.au/about Someone on Facebook said they did it in Tasmania and was classed as a home business. So it depends on the council I suppose.
  9. Jacko1234

    Startup Brewery

    Does anyone know it it is possible to get a wine/mead producing (wholesale only) license if you are brewing from a residential home? For example an indoor empty concreted space roughly 15m x 6m. Would be happy to spend money modifying the room if regulations required. As mead takes a long...