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    Unsure newbie needing guidance: Kegland Helles Fire Munich Larger

    I don't check this forum often, but this post caught my eye and I couldn't walk past it. MHB and the others are on the money. There is something not right with the ingredients KL sent you. Either the wrong kit tins or the carapils was something... darker, or they sell a kit that is not, Hell...
  2. Jack of all biers

    First use of Nottingham

    Yep that's Notto. Even at 14C it'll touch your lid. Great yeast for getting the job done, that's for sure.
  3. Jack of all biers

    Dark Munich smash

    How many packs of W34/70 did you pitch? After two weeks, even one pack should be finished (though the flavour of one pack would not be the best). Did it show signs of fermentation? (eg pressure, bubbling, condensation, krausen visible?). Not sure why your hydrometer would go down then up...
  4. Jack of all biers

    Quick yeast question

    It all depends on how hot it got in your car. Over 40C tends to cook yeast. Saying that however, there is only one way to truly know and that is to pitch the yeast into a 1L starter and see how it goes. If it quickly comes up to krausen (within 12 hours) not much was affected. If it takes...
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    Frozen Beer Woes

    Re-pitching a whole pack can't hurt, so don't bother messing around with half packs. Re-frozen beer/wort. This guy froze a Helles that hadn't started yet, but it brewed out after thawing. Lager yeast though YMMV. Results at 5min 30sec into this video.
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    Coopers Best Extra Stout - Stuck Fermentation or Complete?

    If you find the BM thermometer is fairly accurate at mash temps, then may I suggest you look at the mash schedule. Reason being is if you want a drier result, Beta-amylase is a bit slower than alpha. So give the lower temp an increase in time. Most lower beta rests tend to be from 30-45 mins...
  7. Jack of all biers

    Coopers Best Extra Stout - Stuck Fermentation or Complete?

    Test your thermometers (BM and the one(s) you used to test). Make up an ice slurry in the bottom of the BM. Test both thermometers. Should read 0C or close to it. You've already tested boiling, but I'd do it again with only water. Once the boil is going again, both should read close to the...
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    Munich Dunkel (using kits)

    A bit late to the party sorry. I have a CAMRA recipe for Konig Ludwig Dunkel (malt extract version) and it is very similar to yours for 25L except it's all pale malt extract (4.5kg) and 200gm chocolate malt (it's an old recipe, so Carafa II is the same). It's a 5.6% ABV recipe. I've not done...
  9. Jack of all biers

    Mashmaster fluted mill

    You could get yourself a coupling (spider coupling or similar) and fit it to the mill pin. Get a metal rod of similar diameter that fits the other side of the coupling and your handle and as long as it extends it far enough away from the hopper so you're not hitting your hand on it you should...
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    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    I'm not surprised their numbers have stopped rising. Look at the recovery numbers on the graph. Going up. Given the Chinese governments have pulled no stops to contain this once they realised the shit had hit the fan (welding people into apartment complexes, forcably removing families for...
  11. Jack of all biers

    Coopers Best Extra Stout - Stuck Fermentation or Complete?

    You have identified your problem right there. The average height above sea level in Luxembourg is 800 feet (boiling point around 99.2C). The heighest peak (Kneif) is 1,837 feet. Even if your BM is boiling at the top of that hill, it should be reaching the boil at about 98.5C. Boiling temps...
  12. Jack of all biers

    Kegerator X vs 4 vs other models

    I have a Series 4 and it is slightly noisey with the fan on, but when it's off it is no more noisey than the kitchen fridge. In fact, a second hand fridge next to my Kegerator is far more noisey when it chugs away. I only turn the fan on, when the thing is being used frequently otherwise I...
  13. Jack of all biers

    Dark Munich smash

    You'll be on style with what you have. Here's a link to well respected member of the homebrewing community with a very similar recipe to what you propose. It may give you some insight/cofindence.
  14. Jack of all biers

    Dark Munich smash

    I would do as MHB suggests re mashing, however I disagree re chucking in the whole 100gm. 35-40 IBU is way too much for a Munich Dunkel and I've found even high 20's puts the beer out of 'balance' for the 'style'. Depending on the alpha acid content of your Hallertau, somewhere between 50gm...