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    Aldi Meat Grinder

    What cuts of meat are you guys buying to mince up? Gravy or chuck? Mince is cheaper to buy already minced. What are the arguments supporting mincing your own?
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    Erlenmeyer flasks

    Good old Australia post shop haha You guys know you can get really cheap laboratory glassware on ebay from china? Shipping prices comparable to local shipping or free if orders exceed $100-150 depending on the store. :)
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    Bar, 3 Tap Andale, Bar Fridge, Fittings Etc

    What about delivery to eastern Victoria? I'd pay cash if you did. How many kegs fit in the bar fridge?
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    Bench top draught viability

    Thanks for chiming in... the amount of space I would have depends on how close I try and get it to the bench/cupboards. At the lowest side of the house (around 3-4m from entry point), I'd say there is around 4 foot height and it quickly lessens as it's a sharp angle and the other side of the...
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    Bench top draught viability

    I've been thinking about upgrading my kegging/draught system as my next investment into the brewery and one possibly crazy idea that crossed my mind is that I could put a bar fridge / small chest freezer, UNDER the house (stumped on a gradual slope) and run the beer lines through the floor...
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    Kegged beer - shelf life?

    I'd say home brewed beer would keep longer in a keg than a bottle in normal circumstances because the keg is purged of oxygen and bottles (filled using a typical wand) aren't. Obviously a thinner beer will exhibit more age related flaws than a thicker one too. Taste and only turf if you don't...
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    Beer Style of the Moment: June 2013

    Actually you know what I picked up a sixer of Matilda bay Minimum chips, just because I've not had it before, and it was quite nice. The characteristics of a Vienna with the hop flavour and aroma you'd expect in an APA. I can only drink a few ales in as many days, else the yeast in suspension...
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    Beer Style of the Moment: June 2013

    Lagers (general) then the rest ales? I know it's winter, but come on! Plenty of nice styles. I've got a Baltic porter (lager if you didn't know), Munich Dunkel (also a lager), Marzen and two Belgian Dubbels. The lagers will be conditioned until summer and the Belgians until next winter. As for...
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    Yeast pitching.....FFS there is enough in pack

    I'd put yeast health higher on the list than recipe formulation as you should just be following tried and tested recipes until you are experienced enough to understand what you're doing, not just copying or running through the motions. But anyway... starters can be really easy and cheap (ie PET...
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    Yeast pitching.....FFS there is enough in pack

    I know you said both dry and liquid packs in your opening post stu, but the majority of resistance against your theory was in relation the liquid yeasts and now it seems people in support of your notion are arguing about dried yeasts as though there was an ongoing debate about it. Beyond the...
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    Best thing you have ever won

    $2 scratchie prize - it was a gift :P
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    Noob to finings

    If I remember rightly Thirstyboy provided a few good posts explaining the function of both including whether or not to chill first. I filter, so I've forgotten.
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    Noob to finings

    There are so many write ups and discussions about this written by individuals with far more experience than me. I'd recommend searching. Gelatin (pigs feet, right?) (you can buy plain stuff in the supermarket) can be used to accelerate natural yeast floccuation (dropping out of solution)...
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    Just started my first AG boil!

    If you're not ready to get into liquid yeasts, two packets of 34/70 dried lager yeast will work well in a Dunkel (and other Bavarian/Munich lagers), it can just be a bit sensitive compared with ales, so you need to make sure you use yeast nutrient in the boil, airate the crap out of the wort...
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    Just started my first AG boil!

    I have a nice Munich Dunkel recipe that serves as a pretty foolproof base-line for further personalisation: 20L 60% or 2700g Munich II 30% or 1350g Vienna 8.4% or 380g Caramunich II 1.6% or 70g Carafa II (for colour mostly, but a bit of complexity) Mittelfrueh 18.5IBU at 60mins and 3.5IBU at...