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    Keg Transfer Made Easy...

    I am loving this method ! Thanks to all :)
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    [Brisbane] 3v HERMS setup

    Bloody hell, this is tempting.
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    Brisbane:19 ltr cornelius kegs, used, some near-new, readvertised

    Hey Mate, Woundring if there are any kegs left ? I'll grab 4 minimum tommorow if I can. Thanks
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    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    I have a dog...I emailed my vet to ask about the hazards. They said that the processed hop is poisonous i.e. pellets etc. but the hop plant itself will be fine and your dog should show no interest. But to be safe, I'll keep an eye out when flowering.
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    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Rhizome courtesy of DrSmurto. Thanks mate.
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    Getting the Numbers right.

    You should read radical brewing by randy Mosher.
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    Two pots, brew in a bag without the bag. My first attempt

    This is what I have. Still have to use a bag, but i just lift the smaller pot out and put an oven shelf under it and wait for it to drain. Perfect Edit: Mine is a 40 litre pot though.
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    Square fermentor idea/experiment.

    I've had issues fermenting in cubes before. Not enough oxygen maybe
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    Getting the Numbers right.

    Tried a different hydrometer or refractometer ?
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    Brew day variations

    Not worried about the beer at all, it'll be sweet. I was trying to say that Vienna and hallertau arnt typically in apa's
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    Copper chiller

    Is a plate any better ?
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    Copper chiller

    Thanks. Yeah just found that thread. I'll give the hose an ice bath, see if that works
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    Brew day variations

    Yeah looking forward to this beer, the whole brew day went smooth. Hit all targets etc. I used p.o.r. in a wheat beer a few weeks ago. Nice drop
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    Copper chiller

    I have a copper chiller coil that I obviously use to cool wort down quickly. I've found that I can get the temp down from 100ish to 60 really fast, with out flushing to much water through is. From 60 to 40or30 takes ages. Any suggestions to speed this up a little. I'm just using hose water...
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    Brew day variations

    Ekg is common for bittering in apa's. Hallertaur and Vienna shouldn't be there though