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    30L or 60L fermenter bulk buy - MELBOURNE

    FYI, I bought a few fermenters & cubes from Plasdene last year. 30L fermenters were about $18, 60L was $33 and 20L cubes about $9. Taps were 70c each. I'm pretty sure this was inc. GST and it was their regular off the street pricing (although I did have to place an order as they were out of...
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    The Great Chilli Seed Swap of 2013

    Mmmnn, Chilli!! Great idea to have a seed swap. Better get in quick - this season is fast drawing to a close - if you germinate the seeds now, you may have a chance of getting a harvest before the colder weather sets in. Otherwise, the next season is only a short 6 months away! I have 50-60...
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    What Size Steel For Brew Rig?

    I chucked some numbers in an FEA package (bored during lunch at work)..... I've loaded up an 1800mm long 40x40x1.6 SHS beam with 100kg at where each of the arrows are shown (total 300kg). The limit on this beam is 350MPa and the analysis shows a peak of 160MPa. Bear in mind, you'll actually...
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    website deals of the day

    Saw this on ozbargain 2L growlers slightly discounted to $25 at brewnut;products_id=1
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    Crown Urn + Ssr = Disaster Or Do-able?

    Electric elements are a purely resistive load, so no problems with rapid on/off switching. The only problem I've had was with a 25A SSR (ebay cheapie) that overheated while running about 13A through it for an extended period (about an hour). The result was that it failed to switch and continued...
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    Evaporation Rates

    Are there any pros/cons with topping up the kettle with boiling water to replace that which has evaporated off?
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    How To Build A Hop Trellis

    Looks nice. I was just doing some beam analysis at work and then read your post - I thought I'd chuck your pole into an FEA package and see how it performs. An 80kg side load on the top of the pole, is enough to make the pole bend and permanently deform. At this point, the top of the pole is...
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    Pt100 Sensor Mounti

    I use these cheap chinese knock-offs - 3-wire PT100 thermowell with integral probe & terminal head. Build quality is acceptable and performance is excellent - after all, the probe is just a few bits of platinum wire inside a SS tube. For $16 delivered it's great value and 3-wire has the...
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    Stc 1000 In Pictures

    For power cables, I like to use a couple of these: and one of these:
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    Which Plate Chiller To Get/avoid

    The way the inlets and outlets are labelled on the photo are correct for a plate chiller. The "cross over" you mention is between the plates, not along the plates. The plates are set up so that they separate the wort and water in layers, ie: wort/water/wort/water/etc.....
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    Which Element(s) For Boil Keggle

    This seller has them for only $8.54 for the next 10 days - though it looks like you have to solder the terminal block to the pcb yourself.
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    Which Element(s) For Boil Keggle

    I bought this element a week ago and the seller is a shonky bastard. The listing states that the element is 297mm long and has a stainless steel boss. The element I received was only 200mm long and has a brass boss. When I asked if he could supply the advertised element, he said he couldn't as...
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    3600w Single Vs 4800w Three Phase For Electric Kettle

    no probs where did you get the element and regulator - that's cheap? Is the element sheath incolloy 800 or just nickel plated copper? I just got ripped off last week (sort of) by an ebay seller who advertised a 300mm foldback element with a stainless steel boss, but was given a 200mm foldback...
  14. hotchilli

    3600w Single Vs 4800w Three Phase For Electric Kettle

    25 min for 50L The formula is: time = ( volume * density * Cp * temerpature difference ) / (60 * power) where time is in minutes volume is in litres density is 1000 * SG (specific gravity) Cp = 4.2 temperature difference = end temp - start temp in deg C power is in watts I havn't looked...