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    Clubs/Private forums

    Thanks I am going to join the local club (Northern Beaches), but the threads that really interest me are the bulk buys where I would be happy to travel a bit within Sydney to stock up - given I have to travel a fair bit to my nearest supplier anyway. The thread that got my attention was Bulk...
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    Clubs/Private forums

    So this has been raised before. You can see them in your daily activity email, cannot find them in a search and even paid membership which says it gives you access to private or confidential forums does not do it. What I still do not understand is if you cannot see them, how do you know who to...
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    Stir Plate Bulk Buy

    1 Phillip - SA 2 slacka - NSW 3 marksfish - VIC 4 Plasticman - NSW 5 andytork - VIC 6 Gulpa - NSW 7 bennyC - ACT 8 BusinessTime - NSW 9 homebrewer79 (depending on power supply details) - VIC 10 gap pending final details - NSW 11 Randyrob as above - WA 12 sinkas as above - WA 13 malbur - NSW 14...
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    Wy 1469

    WLP037 Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast This is a White Labs Platinum release for Sept-Oct. Guessing it has the same source as 1469.
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    What Happened To My British Cask Yeast?

    Co-incidentally I am waiting for a 1026 (Sep 08) pack to fire up after 16 hours. Eager to kick off an APA. Not too stressed yet as have had to wait this length of time in the past. I guess this is one of the advantages of no-chill and storing in a cube.
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    Grain Bulk Buy Sydney

    Another vote for Daves. Pick up from ESB will not work for me.
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    60 Minute Mash 60 Minute Boil

    I pretty much only go with the 90min boil when using european Pils malt to get rid of the higher DMS. I have not found any problems with the 60min boil and anything that shortens the brew day cannot be all bad
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    Grain Bulk Buy Sydney

    Added Wey Wheat & pick up location.
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    Grain Bulk Buy Sydney

    Thanks Damien Pick-up from Dave's is good for me so I am in. (Glad we are supporting the local guy and a good bloke) So until there is an update on the Wey Wheat I am down for 1 bag Wey Pils, 1 bag TF MO and half a bag of Wey Munich I, if anyone wants to split. Scott
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    Grain Bulk Buy Sydney

    Subject to pick up site and time I would be in for 2 to 3 bags Galaxy,Wey Pils,Wey Wheat Need to stock take
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    Isb Grain Bulk Buy

    I would be in for a bag of Wey Pils from Dave (pick up issues otherwise) if this is still open
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    Sydney Malt Bulk Buy?

    Merrick if you are prepared to do that it would be great. :D If you are willing to take a chance on my beers or yeast cultures I will bring some along when I collect. I am back in for a bag of MO and a bag of Wey. Premium Pils.
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    Sydney Malt Bulk Buy?

    Thanks for the offer niceshoes. But Manly to Blacktown trip would pretty much wipe out any saving I would have made. (Had not noticed I had no location in my profile)
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    Sydney Malt Bulk Buy?

    I am up for 1 bag Marris Otter and 1 bag Weyermann Premium Pils. But I can only manage a weekend pickup :angry: . If not possible I will have to pass. Thanks for the effort in either case. Cheers
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    Sydney Malt Bulk Buy?

    I would be interested in a couple of bags.