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    Wanted: 3x 50L kegs Perth

    Hey mate, could suit your budget?
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    Mash Master Mill Master Mini mill Bulk Buy.

    1. malt junkie- mill + hopper 2. BrockHops- mill + hopper 3. AKX - mill + hopper 4. MTB - mill + hopper 5. Beats_MC - mill + hopper 6.Breaky - mill + hopper 7. Farsideofcrazy - hopper only 8. Bellyup- mill + hopper 9. Gezzanet - mill + hopper 10. Crazy Dee - mill + hopper 11. homebrewnewb...
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    Ginger Beer Recipe - Scratch Brew No Kit

    Hey guys, random question, looking to do another batch of ginger beer and hunting around for somewhere selling ginger at reasonable price in Perth. I stumbled across someone selling 20kg box of ginger powder for $10! Any obvious con's to substituting fresh ginger for powder entirely?
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    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    120L stainless variable capacity fermenter.Coffs Harbour $120
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    Cascade rhizomes - Melbourne SE

    Ah, wasn't aware of that. My mistake!
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    Cascade rhizomes - Melbourne SE

    If you change your mind on postage I'll grab these!
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    Newbie 3 vessel build (and other stuff probably), because.. why not?

    Thanks again for the feedback pcq. No swimming pool or water tank here, so I reckon the first run of hot water to clean kit sounds the goods! I thought the price was a bit steep for the ball valve at the local shop, but I was so antsy to get my build moving and not be waiting around for...
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    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Original keg king kegerator?
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    Newbie 3 vessel build (and other stuff probably), because.. why not?

    Thanks for the input guys. Mr Wibble, I keep forgetting that the poil will take care of a lot of the nasties and get carried away with everything that touches anything ever must be nuked with sanitiser or napisan! I'll have to get over my procrastinating ways and start brewing! pcqypcqy...
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    Chest freezer

    Not sure if it'll help, but I've been trawling the forum and a bloke CM2 made this wiki on keezers and kegerators which might help.
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    Newbie 3 vessel build (and other stuff probably), because.. why not?

    Hey Guys, So I'm greener than grass when it comes to brewing, but enjoying picking up bits and pieces, reading up and having a project to work on. With a bit of luck I might churn out some decent beers too! Thought I'd start this thread as I stumble along my build and hopefully gain some...
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    Brewster minion

    Hi all, Firstly, I'm not to sure what you're all banging on about when it comes getting into brewing being a slippery slope............because it's more of a god damn cliff! I'm completely new to brewing (all grain and extract), although already I am spending far too long on this forum...
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    Soda Stream Adapter and Reg

    I'd like to get in on this if I can! Cheers