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  1. Hodgo71

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2016

    IVe been wondering the same thing.
  2. Hodgo71

    Adjusting the gap on crankandstein 2s

    Given up trying to work out how to adjust this thing. Searching the net is doing my head it!!! Can't believe there are no instructions anywhere about how the gap is adjusted.
  3. Hodgo71

    Adjusting the gap on crankandstein 2s

    I've taken that black grub screw right out and there is nothing else holding the bearing in place. I know it has to be turned in order to change the gap but how the hell does one turn it! I did find another post somewhere from 6 years ago where someone suggested it had to be punched out but...
  4. Hodgo71

    Adjusting the gap on crankandstein 2s

    G'Day all, For the past few hours I've been trying to remove the bearing to adjust my mill. No luck at all and nothing online despite googling madly for 2 hours. They say you can adjust it to 3 settings. Now the way it is currently, the crush is too fine for a grainfather and the sparges are...
  5. Hodgo71

    Leffe Blonde

    Hey Les, Thanks mate, got the grain all sorted now so I'll get the brews out in the next few days. Have two smack packs of 1214 (which all the boys in my brew club reckon would be best plus Jamil used that in his clone!) which I'll make a starter from anyway. Cheers, Simon.
  6. Hodgo71

    Beer is guuuuuddd!

    Beer is guuuuuddd!
  7. Hodgo71

    Leffe Blonde

    G'Day Drunk Arab, Got all the ingredients to do your leffe blonde clone. I'm going to use 1214 yeast. What were your mash temps mate? I have read 65 to 66. Is the what you reckon and how about mash in and mash out temps and times? Keen as, so much so I'm going to brew two and pitch a...
  8. Hodgo71

    Austrian Beer - Recipes For My 1st Partial?

    Keen to try an AG version of this Rendo. Surely you've tied that now being 5 years mate! Way back in 1993 I was Austria for my ski instructing course and my very first beer was Gösser! I loved it and it made me realise even as a young bloke at the time that fosters (which I drank in that...
  9. Hodgo71

    Heading to the States over Christmas.

    Heading over to LA, Vegas, San Fran and Hawaii for a month starting next week. Keen to give these beers a crack. From the sounds of it and not just from beer point of view we should made out trip longer in San Fran and spent less time (9 days) in LA!
  10. Hodgo71

    Keg bulk buy

    Count me in for 2 AEB kegs to Sydney! Awesome job organising this.
  11. Hodgo71

    Best size fermenter for 3 corny kegs?

    No worries. I'm more likely to remember that now! See clueless I had no idea there were liquid/dry versions! Steep learning curve for this punter!
  12. Hodgo71

    Best size fermenter for 3 corny kegs?

    Legend thanks mate. I do love a bitter beer...! I think I will give the 4 can a go and then 5 can next! What does LME actually stand for?? Is it the initials of what it contains?
  13. Hodgo71

    Best size fermenter for 3 corny kegs?

    Thanks Carniebrew! This is going to sound like a silly questions....isn't Coopers LME a brew enhancer....???? I'm guessing IBU refers to bitterness too....! I love a good bitter beer but the misses is somewhat fussier so I reckon I will go the 4 can and the can of Coopers LME! Once I give...
  14. Hodgo71

    Best size fermenter for 3 corny kegs?

    Hey Sp0rk, I've got a 60lt and 3 kegs, so was thinking about 50lt or so??? I'll be guided by you experts. As I said I'm clueless/punter/novice/beginner!!!!! Cheers, Hodgo.
  15. Hodgo71

    Best size fermenter for 3 corny kegs?

    G'Day all and Carniebrew, I've been looking all through the toucan threads and on the forum but can't find anything about a 5 can brew (five can)....?? After reading all the threads I realise just how much of a 'PUNTER/NOVICE' I am....! I have no idea about all the terminology used, so most...