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    Cheap Font Tower Idea

    Short answer, No! I've fitted out 3 kegorators before and am always looking for ideas. I have one of these toilet brushes and in the position of Rodin the Thinker it came to me that there was a cheaper way :rolleyes: !
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    Cheap Font Tower Idea

    Not the cheapest way unless you've got some of the bits lying around. Thought I'd share. U Brewit Tower Three tap tower $50 plus cost of taps. Ebay double font tower $100 plus cost of taps. OR Woolworths Oats S/S toilet brush $12. Cut holes for 1 to 3 taps, screw through S/S base to top of...
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    Whats Your Favourite/best Kit Can

    Bribie, what yeast did you use when you did this!
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    Craftbrewer Hoax!

    Nope still this!
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    Craftbrewer Hoax!

    Is the site down as I've not even been able toaccess it in the last two days? :( Hirns
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    Possible Stc1000 Imposter...

    I could but seriously, it cost me all of about $20 landed. By the time I package it up and charge you for the postage.....I reckon you would find it delivered on ebay for less! :o
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    Possible Stc1000 Imposter...

    Have one, they are a cheap start. Mine is about 3 degrees out and can't be callibrated(but this can be factored in). After building my own stc 1000 it now gathers dust. It works, but not to the precission of the STC 1000.
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    Running An Aquarium Heater Out Of Water In Ferm Fridge?

    If fridge space permits, use the extra buffer and place the fermenter in a collaspable rubber pail from Big W ($15) and then sit the heater in the water added to the pale. I add 1/2 lid of napisan or bleach to keep the buffer water clean.
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    Kit Reviews Website

    <_< So what happened here? Can't find any reviews!
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    Help Forgot To Stir!

    :icon_vomit: Before or after you stirred???
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    :lol: Wonder what Acetylene flavoured stout tastes like!
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    This one's got a new coat of paint :ph34r: !
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    Where Has All My Gas Gone

    As I've lost a bottle of gas due to bad keg lid sealing, I always tip my kegs after they have been filled and gassed to get liquid up around the lid o ring to test the seal. The beer also helps gum up any minor leaks and helps keep the seal once the keg pressure is reduced back down to serving...
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    Need Help

    Thanks Florian, I desperately needed that shot! Cheers! CHEERS!
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    Where Has All My Gas Gone

    This is where the soda stream adaptors come in handy.