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  1. hellbent

    Hops beginner

    Now to the hops ... most important ! Hops - bittering, flavor and aroma ... Q maybe this will help with the hops
  2. hellbent

    DrSmurto GA

    Sorry for delay getting back to you but yes thank you good Sir I would greatly appreciate it :)
  3. hellbent

    DrSmurto GA

    thanks guys I guess I will go back to original recipe then drop back on the vienna. maybe a bit of trial and error needed. cheers
  4. hellbent

    DrSmurto GA

    Beersmith most times brewmaster occasionally, yes I want to avoid thinning the beer down if possible, i do like the taste, thanks for your reply
  5. hellbent

    DrSmurto GA

    using BS2 or sometimes Brewmate and thanks for your reply and concern
  6. hellbent

    DrSmurto GA

    Anyone able to help me here, I love Dr Smurtos Golden Ale and it is mainly all I brew over the last few years but sadly I'm getting serious advice from my Doc (I have type 2 diabetes) and he has advised me to cut right down on my intake and to get onto midstrength. I want to drop my my usual...
  7. hellbent

    Mildura breweries

    used to love it when we went up there sampling the paddles while mrs done the shops
  8. hellbent

    Licorice in stout?

    I had a little bottle of that and would put a drop into a schooner of GA and pour over it, quite nice it was
  9. hellbent

    Mildura breweries

    Can anyone tell me if the Mildura Brewery is still going? I'm going to Mildura next week and someone told me that they no longer do the beer paddles and no takeaway and that it is close to closing down, Also is there another micro brewery of sorts in the area? thanks in advance guys
  10. hellbent

    Bittering Vs Flavour

    Not sure if I'm right here but I like to keep my temps around 85 when transferring into cube for the extra sterilisation of the cube I believe I get. I whirlpool then add my 0min hops before cubing.
  11. hellbent

    How to calibrate a refractometre

    I check mine every brew using tank water and most times it needs adjusting.
  12. hellbent

    Recipes for soft c*cks

    I'm with you mate, I got lazy over the summer and didn't brew for quite a while and run out of grog then had to buy a carton of carlton draught, really it tasted crappy and wasn't a great experience drinking it. Give me my own brew anytime, it has a taste that I have worked on over the years...
  13. hellbent

    Spread sheet to follow

    not so much a spreadsheet but I have a template whereas I just have to copy numbers etc down where applicable
  14. hellbent

    Craft beer tax axed in federal budget

    lets just wait and see how much does get passed on....I have a feeling that it will be SFA
  15. hellbent

    What's good to watch on netflix?

    USA Shameless I loved that show! Frank has to be the biggest asshole God has put on this earth but I loved it!!!