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    Using a 40L Electric Urn for BIAB - a guide

    Excellent post Bribie. My 20 year old twin double welded kegs seem a bit rustic now. Ha Ha! But the principles remain the same. I have forwarded your post to my brother who is keen to brew, but looks at my set-up as something from the 19/20th century. I'm also interested in your slow hoist as an...
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    Black IPA is around a 5 percenter. I have always used JW and find it a good base malt but have not tried Gladfield so I may give it a go. I agree Simpsons Marris Otter is also a good option. Luckily in Melb we have an excellent supplier in Grain and Grape. I faxed them a big order yesterday...
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    Planning a RIS using the yeast cake from a black IPA.(Wyeast 1028.) 7.5 Kg Joe White Trad Ale Malt. 0.5 JW Dark Crystal. 0.5 JW Choc. 0.5 JW Roast Barley. 0.2 Bestmalz Caramunich 3. 0.2 Dingermann Spec b. 0.2 Breiss Midnight. 40g Each Goldings, Fuggles,Northdown. 20l final volume. Planning to...
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    BIAB Excessive Trub

    Just re read this post. Very interesting. What about guys who just pitch everything into the fermenter with gay abandon? Then rack into a secondary or maybe not at all ! I'm sure we have all tasted these beers but maybe it was back in the 80's when our standards were not so high. Just saying.......
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    BIAB Excessive Trub

    "I am compensating for the losses by adding extra water/grain/hops to get what i need. I was after a way i could limit this as it is extra cost but hey i brew hoppy beers so no matter what Its gonna be pricey. Its my hobby so money isn't everything." Too right! Hi all. I have got used to the...
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    Going to give biab a try

    HI Alistair..Don't waste that keg!!. Cut off the top, weld a tap, and use it for a mash/boiler for your BIAB setup. BIAB is easy and makes quality beer. Cheers
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    Imperial IPA

    Very interesting feedback guys.Thanks for that. I agree that hop intensity seems to reduce quite quickly in the keg so adding an insane amount of hops will increase resins that would hard to predict in the finished product. On the other hand it seems like a great experiment. Hey Chris-sorry I...
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    Imperial IPA

    Thanks for the advise. Sugarz? I never use any sugar so can you elaborate? That's is the pitching rate for my usual 5% ABV brews so I would have thought much more would be required. Cheers
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    Imperial IPA

    Hi guys and gals. I have been planning on brewing an Imperial IPA again and wonder if anyone can give me any advise. I have put it off in the past as it seems technically challenging. So I plan to brew my usual favourites. Dawson IPA and porter and then two weeks later use a whole yeast cake to...
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    Brand new to brewing

    Ducatiboy stu , Aprilia112 ! Am I detecting a trend here with brewing and motorcycling? If so, I am relieved that there are others out there with not enough time for either ! Triumph/BSA/Matchless- Hadrian.
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    Greetings from Greece

    Hi George. What have you been brewing lately?
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    G'day All! Hops and Benchtop Font Question?

    Hi Benju.I don't think you will have any trouble growing hops as they go like stink. I wet hopped a brew a couple years back and it was awesome.Tettnang, I think. Stuffing green hops into a wash bag and into a keg will be an experience I will never forget. I am talking numb lips and...
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    Brand new to brewing

    Welcome to brewing mate. I would start with extract and a mini mash for good first results. No special equipment required.There are plenty of easy recipes out there to get you going. Just remember to brew what you like to drink and I agree that that rule no. 1 is sanitation for your fermentation...
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    Hi everyone, just starting with all grain

    Brew in the bag is the best method for all grain. I have two double kegs(cut and welded vertically)with ball valves which I mash in and then raise the bags on roof mounted pulleys and then boil in them. No transfer required.Then whirlpool and cool to 66 degrees and into fermenters. Cool in ice...
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    New to brewing

    Welcome to brewing Jay. The most important thing regarding fermenting is keeping the temp as even as possible. Temp spikes will ruin your beer. A dedicated fridge in the shed and regular monitoring is essential. Aspecially this time of year. Follow the directions for the yeast you are using and...