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    Modding the FERMENTASAURUS

    What is the part number or name of the fittings you used to screw into the fermentasaurus? the components that adapt the plastic bottom of the fermentasaurus to the 90 hose barb? Does regular 3/4" hose fittings fit? Thanks,
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    Dry Hop Question

    Thanks for the link....that's exactly what I'll try. Cheers,
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    Dry Hop Question

    My pressurized fermentation finished after 7 days. I was going to pressure transfer my beer over into a secondary sanitized CO2 purged keg with a hop pellet filled screen cylinder laying on the bottom. After 7 more days I was going to cold crash then pressure transfer over to my serving keg...
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    Tilt Hydrometer - Who Uses Them?

    I use a Tilt! It worked awesome for me. I found that using TiltPi on a raspberrypi worked the best. I also found that it's best to start logging after your done moving the fermented around....once it settles or sits for an hour or so then name your beer and start logging to google cloud. My...
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    Controlling Robobrew with Craftbeerpi

    The robobrew power board already sends 5V on the 8 wire ribbon cable to power up the controller and screen. Then the screen"Controller" sends 5V back to the two relay's on two separate pins "wires" to turn the one larger element on and then the other two elements on....something in that order...
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    Controlling Robobrew with Craftbeerpi

    Hi guys, I haven't done this tied up with work and such. I do have a plan.....I'm going to buy the Robobrew upgrade kit. I will cut the 8 wire cable that comes from the screen to the board. Then have each end of the 8 wire ribbon cable go to two different IP6 rated 8 pin pannel...
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    CraftBeerPi Reliability

    I currently use Craftbeerpi and think it's great. I added a Tilthydrometer for internal fermentation temp. I also added a flow sensor for measuring my water transfers. I'm currently going to make it so I can flick a switch between using robobrew controller and craftbeerpi. There are quite a...
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    Controlling Robobrew with Craftbeerpi

    Hi, I'm going to modify my Robobrew 65L so I can control it with Craftbeerpi. I had a few questions for any body to help. I was looking at this picture. I noticed they labelled the two pins 1900W for the element. I would think that one pin is for 1900W and the other pin is for the 500W...