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  1. good4whatAlesU

    How to delete account

    Just delete my account please.
  2. good4whatAlesU

    AHB daily email bombardment - can you opt out?

    Happy just to have account deleted. Not brewing presently. Admin?
  3. good4whatAlesU

    AHB daily email bombardment - can you opt out?

    Thanks but all of them are unchecked. Yet I still receive daily e-mails....
  4. good4whatAlesU

    AHB daily email bombardment - can you opt out?

    Hi All Anyone know how to stop the daily email bombardment from AHB? If they cant' stop it I'd prefer my account is deleted. As I don't come on the site very often (at all) nowadays. Cheers Good4
  5. good4whatAlesU

    How to delete account

    Hi can you please stop sending me the daily emails it's' most annoying as I don't come on the site much nowadays. If that's not possible please delete my account. Cheers Good4
  6. good4whatAlesU

    Hop DNA?

    A DNA extraction can be done for less than $50 .. there are methods available for comparison (simple 7 SNP's attached), but you need the comparison variety (or a database of DNA from different varieties to compare against)...
  7. good4whatAlesU

    The True/er/est/ish History of the Indian PAle Ale

    Ah yes, the Imperial Indian Black Pale Ale. Classic.
  8. good4whatAlesU

    2018 Hop Plantations

    Small beginnings, but a couple handfuls of goldings harvested
  9. good4whatAlesU

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned; there's an Aussie located Sabco brew majic pilot (+ fermenter + chiller) on ebay for $8500. After reading import hassles on another thread I'm thinking if anyone was in the market for one, it might be worth checking out...
  10. good4whatAlesU

    SHould I buy a 100L Pilot Brewery From China?

    Cripes, sad to hear about all the hassles. What was the end figure? Total?
  11. good4whatAlesU

    2018 Hop Plantations

    Thanks Belgrave and Bhundoo, next year (hopefully if I'm still growing) I'll give both those a go. I whacked the mites with some heavy stuff this year (it worked) but I don't really want to do that again.
  12. good4whatAlesU

    2018 Hop Plantations

    I might give the predatory mites a go next year - anyone given them a go? https://bugsforbugs.com.au/product/persimilis/
  13. good4whatAlesU


    Catch your gas and power your next boil ... recycle.
  14. good4whatAlesU

    Moving on...

    A couple $20 dollar pots from big W will do.