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  1. goatchop41

    【New Products Releasing】Inkbird Giveaway of New BBQ Thermometer Pen and Homebrew Heating Pad

    I'll enter - the heat pad will be better than the heat belt that I've got currently
  2. goatchop41

    Spunding Valve

    Just use a set of scales that the keg sits on
  3. goatchop41


    Can we get an amen?!
  4. goatchop41

    Keg modding for floating dip tube to begin dry hopping

    I would definitely be keen on a couple of these - it would make some processes much easier, like using a keg for one step of a double or triple dry hop (dry hop #1 in the fermzilla then transfer to a purged keg with hops and one of these filters for dry hop #2, then transfer to a purged serving...
  5. goatchop41


    Yeah, that would have been an incredibly thick mash, given that you would have been at or below 2L/kg, accounting for the deadspace... If you haven't heard of it (and if it hasn't been mentioned to you elsewhere), look in to 'reiterated mashing' for your next attempt at high gravity brewing -...
  6. goatchop41


    These have absolutely no bearing on your issues that you mentioned above though. Those issues are purely down to crush size, grain bill, mash thickness and timing of using the pump
  7. goatchop41

    Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA clone

    "@ 10 to 21 IBU" = at 10 mins to go in the boil, add enough of that hop combination to get 21 IBUs. "added again at flameout, with 30min whirlpool to 19IBU" = the same hop combo for a 30 min whirlpool, enough hops to get 19 IBU out of it So you'll have a butt-ton of late hops, which will get...
  8. goatchop41

    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    I've been actually thinking about swapping the included ball valve out for a 3 piece one for this exact reason...I've been dreading taking the original one off, cleaning it and then trying to get it back on and having it stay watertight too
  9. goatchop41

    Kegland robobrew may not be for me confused

    Anyone who suggests that you need to do this either doesn't really know what they're doing, or is sticking to the old and outdated homebrewing dogma that sparge water needs to be a very specific temperature. As Kea said, you can either sparge with room temp water or you can pre-heat all of your...
  10. goatchop41

    San Diego Super Yeast Review - WLP 090

    Due to not being able to go out and buy some dry yeast on short notice, I've just rediscovered my (at least 3 year old) vial of an overbuild of 090 that was sitting in the back of the fridge. So now I'm just trying to wake it back up to pitch in to an APA, as I have no other 'clean' character...
  11. goatchop41

    EOI Voyager Malt. Also the new geared 3 roller grain mill.

    Yeah! I got my invoice on Monday, paid Tuesday, and had it in my hands (Regional Vic) by Thursday
  12. goatchop41

    EOI Voyager Malt. Also the new geared 3 roller grain mill.

    @Keg King could you please give us some info on what size the bolts are that are used to secure the mill on to a board? They are a different size to the ones from my old 2 roller mill, and I don't really want to be hauling the whole thing in to a hardware store to work it out!
  13. goatchop41

    EOI Voyager Malt. Also the new geared 3 roller grain mill.

    I received my 3 roller mill today (talk about quick!). After spending the better part of an hour swearing and losing my mind about the fact that the assembled hopper would not fit in to the body of the mill (as the instructions show that it should be put together), let me save the rest of you...
  14. goatchop41

    Wood Fired Brewery

    @Chappo666 Try contacting Robe Town Brewery, mate. From their website: "Our organic approach to brewing is unique across the world – we operate the only wood-fired brewing kettle in Australia, all malt is mashed in oak barrel mash tuns and filtered through hay, open fermentation, hand bottling...