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  1. GMK

    Fs: Pluto Beer Gun

    if Stainless Steel - 40.00 + postage
  2. GMK

    48 Litre Urn For $200 - Any Feedback?

    BTW I've replaced the crappy tap with some of Mr Bunnings finest brassware. The tap handle will have a tendency to catch on your clothing as you walk past the urn. Not fun Should have used SS :-)
  3. GMK

    Beerloversguide.com.au - Competition

    Will add it to the collection.... :D
  4. GMK

    How To Improve Vic Case Swaps

    Hi All, From someone who started the 1st Case swap on AHB many moons ago - participated in and arranged a few - may I offer some ...... - 1st off - you can't please all the people all the time. - the original case swap was to put your best beer in - not some experimental/1st time I used XXX...
  5. GMK

    Fs: 6 Tap Font (flooded)

    i'll go 150.00
  6. GMK

    Chap Chap Looking For Able Brewers In Adelaide 16th March 2010

    That would be the new "Tiger Woods Condoms" Because you need 2...Because you dont want to get a hoel in one... Look for the Pack with a tick on it and the slogan " Just Do Her......." :lol:
  7. GMK

    Raspberry Real Ale

    Definately use a wheat based can... and lash out on Wyeast Roselare Yeast. Will need 2 packs - agree with Wolfe - freeze raspberies 1st - put frozen into fermenter - add wheat can of goo. Add bioling water and mix - top up with cold water to required Gravity... pitch nice yeast starter of...
  8. GMK

    Large Keg Outdoor Setup?

    Might help if you fill out your location ( pet hate of mine) might make it easier for those in your area with keg setups to get you over for a look see/Keg tutorial 101.... :-)
  9. GMK

    Wtb: [vic] Melbourne 6 Tap Flooded Font

    in the AHB market place - last year i poste di was moving and my 6 tap font setup was 4 Sale. PM if interested.
  10. GMK

    Size Of Mlt Compared To The Hlt

    gotta agree with Andrew and Bud.... But 90ltr HLT is over kill - u could get away with a 50ltr Hlt - fill it 1.5 times. ie - 40-45ltrs for mash is plenty - refil to and heat up while mashing - then fly sparge. as the ketlle is 100lt - u will fill with 80-90lt - so a 50ltr would be ample. you...
  11. GMK

    Sully's Bar

    Ok... Here are some thoughts...might only be worth 2c... Get rid of the three windows near the sliding door - make it a roller shutter - and set up a bar top - now you serve inside and outside at the same time. why have three glass panels - surely a 2 panel sliding door is enough - then the bar...
  12. GMK

    Custom Mashtun

    aim for 50ltrs.... Just make sure you use Food grade silicon that can handle 85C (visit bunnings) to make it water tight. Also, get him to make you a miracle box... even seen a large rectangle mini cool rooom - approx 1.5m x2mx 1.5m with an air conditioner fitted with a mash master reg to...
  13. GMK

    3 Tap Flooded Fonts

    Hi all, I have secured for Xmas 3 x lots of: - 3 Way Andale Carlton T Bar 15" (76cm) Chrome Flooded Fonts For Sale. www.andale.com.au - S/H in VG cond. - Come with the 3/4" S/H SS Snaplock adaptors in the font - normally 100.00 Brand New or 70.00 S/H on there own. - 4mm Beer line out the...
  14. GMK

    Grolsch Bottles - Adelaide

    Hi All, I have 57 Grolsch Bottles For Sale. Need to be gone by 09Dec09 - before I move. These are empty & cleaned. Looking for offers over 65.00... Happy bidding
  15. GMK

    5mm Id And Barbs

    I put the line in the the electric kettle - turn it on and when it boils - i leave th ekettle on for a while... The line gets really soft - easy to put on then. Put the barb onto a nail punch - push the nail punch whilst holding the tube. The nail punch centres the line and starts it spreading...
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