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  1. Gloveski

    Modus Operandi Session IPA recipe help

    No problems mate [emoji106]
  2. Gloveski

    Modus Operandi Session IPA recipe help

    sorry completely forgot about this here is what I have brewed a few times just adjust hops to suit
  3. Gloveski

    Modus Operandi Session IPA recipe help

    Actually I don’t think that’s what I ended up going with I’m away for work atm but will be back home Wednesday night I will double check
  4. Gloveski

    Modus Operandi Session IPA recipe help

    Yeah I brewed it a few times nice session ipa it’s not MO but a tasty drop
  5. Gloveski

    3v Brewery for sale in Tasmania

    Mate I might be interested in the kegs and aeration kit send me a pm if your keen to bundle them
  6. Gloveski

    Biab recipes?

    I recently brewed Rocker’s red ale and can 2nd that it’s an awesome brew , keg was done very quickly , I used US05 but keen to try again with 1469
  7. Gloveski

    Overnight mash

    Mark how about bringing to the boil for say 5 minutes and then leaving overnight ?
  8. Gloveski

    Country Trading Store All Grain Kits

    yeah the two I done were ok but I know use brewman recipe builder and order through steve @Brewman_ , lots of great recipes and you can easily create your own and I know my grain crush is consistent so was easy for me to dial in my system . I order enough for 4 brews at a time and it works...
  9. Gloveski


    Was about $93 aud from memory
  10. Gloveski

    BREWMAN News

    Steve put me down for a kolsch yeast and a wyeast 3068 and I’ll add them to next order when they arrive if that’s ok . Time to try some different brew types
  11. Gloveski

    Whats In The Glass

    Loved the Electric Pale Ale got to try this aswell
  12. Gloveski


    I recently brought one of these little units so when I am away from work I could monitor how my brews are going and get the wife to adjust pressure settings so I had perfectly carbed beer . I have only used it the once and I dont control my temp fridge as of yet with it I just use the 3rd probe...
  13. Gloveski

    What are you Brewing - 2018

    Love Simcoe today was the first brew I have done using it on its own . Works well with lots of other hops . I would sneak a dry hop in aswell If you can
  14. Gloveski

    What are you Brewing - 2018

    Well Well brew day was going awesome until I trod on a bee in the laundry were I brew just when I was starting transfer , might rename the 4 pines clone stinging foot pale ale . Had to get my daughter to hold the counter flow chiller hose going into the fermenter while I dug the stinger out lol.
  15. Gloveski

    What are you Brewing - 2018

    Awesome mate I will have a look at it , Let me know postage costs are . I dont mind the odd tinker