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    Wellington NZ

    Thanks for that link, it's awesome. Looks like the free arvo is going to be pretty full up now.
  2. glenwal

    Wellington NZ

    Heading over to NZ for a holiday next week, and swmbo has just told me that we have an arvo free in Wellington that I must find a brewery to do a tour of. And in further bad news, I've also been told to find 2 craft beer pubs to have dinner at 2 of the nights we are there as well. So to...
  3. glenwal

    Can I lower abv after fermentation

    It would have the same AAU/HBU (which is a measure of the amount of alpha acids used in the recipe), but the IBU (which if the amount of isomerized alpha acids per litre) would definitely be decreased.
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    Rugby World Cup

    The problem with refs making mistakes is that they rely on the video refs so much to ensure they are right, that when they miss something completely, or aren't able to refer it, it makes it seem so much worse. They should adopt a challenge system like they have in cricket/tennis. Give each...
  5. glenwal

    Coles/aldi scent free nappi San

    I grabbed 5kg of sodium perc off eBay a few weeks ago when I ran out of aldi napisan. $20 + $10 shipping which I though was pretty good.
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    First World Problems Thread

    Don't the large boxes have flaps in the bottom that you push in and they lift the tissues up so you can get them?
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    Dealing with flies....the only bad bit about summer

    Dad's one who can't stand the thought of even a single fly being around, and normally takes approach #1. Through out summer he pretty much has a can of fky spray in his hand 24/7. This year, when he saw the first fly, he decided to go and get some traps and put them up the back of the back...
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    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    I feel for you spog. Was at my grand father in-laws 97th birthday yesterday, and he's suffering from it pretty badly. Doesn't remember who anyone is, and normally just gets upset and wants to go home (when we're at his house). He's lucky to have a huge family (my mil is one of 11), so the...
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    Keg King gas line splitters

    I've got these on mine. Had them for years and no issues. I've got 4 joined directly together using the barbs, and then used the barbs for the gas line as well.
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    anybody bought this mill?

    I just sprinkle the water on top, works just as well.
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    Could this be the end of Mcdonalds?

    The designed by you thing they have going at the moment is actually pretty good. The bun is much better, you can get real cheese, the chilli jam is pretty good, and you can make a real sized burger with the lot. I've actually felt full and satisfied, which you just don't get from their normal...
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    Freight Forwarders

    Could always organise a house bulk buy.
  13. glenwal

    How to plumb silicon hoses using camlocks

    Yep, on the outlet side. Doesn't have to be on the pump though, the valve can be on the vessel which removes the stress from the pump thread when opening/closing the valve.
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    How to plumb silicon hoses using camlocks

    Female on hoses is the standard for most scenarios as it helps prevent damage when they are moved around. If you have a male fitting on there and knock/drag/bump it around you can damage the actual fitting. Do the same with a female fitting and you'll just scuff up the outside.
  15. glenwal

    Mash In With Cold Water

    Holy crap, you really need to put all that wiring in a box, your just asking to be killed with it like that.