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    Poor efficiency from Braumeister 50L

    Doing a sparge helped my efficiency heaps. Using over 11kg of malt gave diminishing returns. My best efficiency is between 8-11kg malt. 60L mash in and 10L sparge.
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    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    Awesome. I’d love one. Cheers.
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    Looking for Graham Sanders

    Last I heard was about 6 -7 years ago and he was living in a suburb called Rasmussen. I think he was part of Townsville Natural Brewers club. I dunno anything else about him or if the club is even still alive.
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    Speidel Braumeister 50 Recipes

    I was having the same problems when I got my 50L Brau, new system and all. I started using Beersmith at the same time and I think all these new variables overloaded my brain. I brewed a lot of ordinary beers. Here is a nice recipe for a Stone and Wood Pacific Ale-like beer. Mash pH 5.3 Preboil...
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    First brew with Braumeister

    "I also do what Cervantes recommended and run a rest at 40c for 10 or 15 minutes and this really assists with efficiency" Is it the acid rest helping lower the pH to increase your efficiency or is it the fact you're not getting dough balls? Are you getting better efficiency from that or the...
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    Acetaldehyde questions

    Could also be from under oxygenation at pitching.
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    All citra beer?

    I brewed a clone of Kern River Citra DIPA. I dunno what the original tastes like but mine was good.
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    Bavarian Lager and Ale

    Hey man, those beers have a fairly high finishing gravity. I probably wouldnt keep them for too long or you will get bottle bombs. Drink and enjoy.
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    Recommended Mill Setting

    Has anyone changed/updated their practices in the last few years?
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    Frozen kegs. Stuffed beer?

    I froze a hoppy pale ale once and it failed to hold a head and really didnt want to accept carbonation. The bubbles stayed large and it tasted like it had a flat stale sort of characteristic. I had one keg of it that wasnt frozen and it was nice but I ended up tipping out the last half of the...
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    I've had it happen a few times. I even give mine a hit with leak detector when I first...

    I've had it happen a few times. I even give mine a hit with leak detector when I first pressurise the keg now. Most of the little leaks on mine around the QD's that dont seat properly.
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    Low to no alcohol beer.

    Use Windsor yeast
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    holiday in cairns

    Shame about Green Ant Cantina, I was excited about it too. Not that I get to Cairns much.
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    US05 question

    Did you aerate the wort after it cooled?
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    Bridgeport Kingpin

    Haha. I didnt rate it. I dont much like the 'Imperial' beers. I'd prefer a Red Trolley.